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Elder Maryann Coconut and Annalise Jennings – The Family Domestic Violence Conference

Wonderful and inspiring …


downloadFamily Domestic Violence Conference – Rockhampton Australia

Great seeing Elder Maryann Coconut who made the long journey from the remote community of Napranum to Rockhampton to support Annalise Jennings’ presentation on the topic of Family Domestic Violence.

Annalise has developed a best practice model for change which has been successfully applied through Cape York communities since 2009. The results were not only evident but immediate, Napranum is a humbling example of Annalise’s work, where she introduced the concept that lasting social reform can only be achieved by community growth and economic development not intervention
From the outset Annalise’s work around community ownership, collaborative service delivery and community transformation struck a chord with indigenous people. The fundamentals of engagement, ownership and responsibility for change are deeply embedded in her “Whole of Community Change” program which has proven to be very successful.

Napranum achieved 40% increase in community owned infrastructure and a…

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Indigenous Leadership & Governance Forum March 18 – 20, 2015

Brilliant efforts being made here by Annalise Jennings and the beautiful Napranum Aboriginal Community. Inspiring.


Media_5b494988e791411cadf3831821ba62e0Indigenous Leadership & Governance Forum 2015 Brisbane Australia March 18 – 20, 2015

Annalise Jennings is bringing the story of Napranum and Whole of Community Change to the Indigenous Leadership & Governance Forum 2015.

Akolade’s workshop facilitator, Annalise Jennings, has done some amazing work across many Indigenous communities. One example is in Queensland’s Aboriginal community of Napranum, she has helped design their 10-year vision by applying her ‘whole of community change’ philosophy.

Annalise says, “It’s underpinned by community ownership and self-determination and there’s a self-belief in the people that they can do anything – that really is the starting point.” The philosophy behind the program finds its balance between building an economic base for communities and also building the spiritual wellbeing of community members. As change starts to become evident, there’s a will and desire which enables everybody to participate and feel connected resulting in a sense of community pride…

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Ervin Laszlo – The Self-Actualizing Cosmos (Launch March 2014)

ImageThe Self-Actualizing Cosmos launched March 2014 and includes a deep narrative taken from an interview in Italy with Ervin Laszlo.

An exploration of the current revolution in scientific thought and the newest scientific findings in support of the Akashic field

• Explains how the new Akasha paradigm recognizes the interconnection of all things in space and time through the quantum resonance of the Akashic field

• Reveals the cosmos to be a self-actualizing, self-organizing whole, bringing forth life and consciousness in countless universes

• Explores the latest discoveries in the sciences of life, mind, and cosmos

Science evolves through alternating phases of “normal science” and radical shifts that create scientific revolutions. We saw this at the turn of the 20th century, when science shifted from a Newtonian worldview to Einstein’s relativity paradigm, and again with the shift to the quantum paradigm. Now, as we recognize the nonlocal interconnection of all things in space and time, we find our scientific worldview shifting once again.

With contributions by physicists Paul A. LaViolette and Peter Jakubowski, pioneering systems scientist Ervin Laszlo explores the genesis of the current revolution in scientific thought and the latest findings in support of the Akashic field. He explains how the burgeoning Akasha paradigm returns our way of thinking to an integral consciousness, a nonlinear mode of understanding that enables us to accept the reality of nonlocal interconnection throughout the world. This new inclusive way of understanding reaffirms the age-old instinctive comprehension of deep connections among people, societies, and nature, and it integrates and transcends classical religious and scientific paradigms.

Providing examples from cutting-edge science of quantum-resonance-based interactions among all living systems, Laszlo shows the cosmos of the Akasha to be a self-actualizing, self-organizing whole, where each part is in coherence with all others and all parts together create the conditions for the emergence of life and consciousness. The advent of the Akasha paradigm marks a new stage in science’s understanding of the fundamental nature of the world and offers unique guidance for contemporary efforts to create a peaceful and sustainable world.

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