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19 May, 2015 Official launch of The Adventures of John Salad by author Tarquin Namaste

19 May, 2015 Official launch of The Adventures of John Salad by author Tarquin Namaste

The Adventures of John Salad - Courtesy TN 2015

The Adventures of John Salad – Courtesy TN 2015

The Adventures of John Salad

The debut title from young philosopher Tarquin Namaste. Written in a ‘flash’ of seven weeks in late 2013, during an experience that subsequently changed his life and compelled him to write about his journey of spiritual metamorphosis.




The Author

Tarquin Namaste Courtesy DGNetworks 2014

Tarquin Namaste Courtesy DGNetworks 2014

Tarquin Namaste is an English writer and musician born in the northern town of Blackburn, located in the county of Lancashire. His home town of Accrington in the borough of Hyndburn and former heart of traditional textile manufacturing, now represents a repressed socio-typical working-class narrative, firmly imprinted into its culture. The end of an era in manufacturing and industry prevalent in the final decades of the twentieth century, left the town forever stripped of tradition and heritage. Now in the new millennium it contends for government subsidies with bordering towns including notably, Burnley and Blackburn. Intrinsic to the northern culture and its ‘left behind’ status, music with its contentious lyrics continues to play an important role. Tarquin subsequently grew up with this inherited wave of musical consciousness. Fascinated with the subliminal messages of modern music, prompted him to study the art form at college. Later as a student at Salford University (Manchester England) he studied music and musical theory. This included research on the principle sociological elements marked by earlier folk traditions of the 1700’s through to modern-day genres.

As a graduate of Salford University (BA Hons) in Popular Musicology he became interested in the Indie culture and a ‘branch off’ known as the post-punk revival. From the latter of these and prominent between the years 2000 and 2006 emerged Bloc Party, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol and Artic Monkeys. These influences led to the formation of his own band Moral Panic (2009 – 2013) and features in the Adventures of John Salad. In recent times Tarquin has gained significant interest in the genre known as frequencies; in particular the advent of 432Hz. “This is where I now see music to be heading within the alternative scenes, and even popular music, (all recorded and processed at 440Hz) which is being converted into this more natural frequency by ‘enlightened’ fans around the world.”

Books that have left an indelible impression upon him are ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ written by James Redfield and ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,’ the latter also featuring in the Adventures of John Salad. A book written from beginning to end in seven weeks while ‘taken-over’ by the higher forces of sheer illumination.

David William Gibbons 2013

David William Gibbons 2013

“With its magnificent magnitude of thought and deep insight, John Salad has opened the sacred door for others to walk through, so that they too can truly know the infinite.

The voice of failings, ignorance and constant periods of doubt and despair are not hidden or glossed over. This dynamic emerges through twists and turns where waves of sublime honesty work powerfully in charting the rhythmic balance of hopelessness and ecstasy that John experiences.

A journey that brings all minds to the one universal whole. A universal place where just being is really living.”
David William Gibbons – International Broadcaster

Visit the official website – The Adventures of John Salad

18 March, 2015 A whole of community approach in Cunnamulla

Whole of Community Change – Annalise Jennings

A whole of community approach in Cunnamulla

(F) Annalise Jennings Dynamic Exchange, (L-R) Kerry Crumblin CEO CACH, Julie Fox Cunnamulla State School, Lindsay Godfrey Paroo Shire Mayor, Nicole Gibson National Mental Health Commissioner, Lawrence 'Cheesie' Anderson Cunnamulla Disability Services.

(F) Annalise Jennings Dynamic Exchange,
(L-R) Kerry Crumblin CEO CACH, Julie Fox Cunnamulla State School, Lindsay Godfrey Paroo Shire Mayor, Nicole Gibson National Mental Health Commissioner, Lawrence ‘Cheesie’ Anderson Cunnamulla Disability Services.

Cunnamulla residents today took the first steps in identifying core community values to create a community owned vision and blueprint for the future.

The meeting follows initial roundtable discussions in March where the Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health (CACH), Paroo Shire Council, South West Hospital and Health Service (HHS), Murweh Shire Council and Central and Western Areas Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health (CWAATSICH) were given a mandate to progress strategies to improve social and health outcomes for the communities.

image001Annalise Jennings from Dynamic Exchange was brought in to facilitate the meeting based on her wealth of experience in helping communities drive positive change.

“‘Whole of Community Change’ is a philosophy of ownership and self- determination,” she said.

“It’s about the push for change coming from the community who live and work here, rather than being imposed by policy makers from afar.”

Ms Jennings’ work in Cape York has seen the Napranum community shift from welfare dependency to wealth creation.

“In Napranum within two years there was a 60 per cent increase in employment and a 40 per cent increase in community owned infrastructure.”

Ms Jennings said it is all about shifting the conversation from discussing problems to creating possibilities.

“Our communities are not a problem to be solved.”

“They are full of opportunity and potential that we need to collectively recognise and support.”

“Creating a connected community is about respecting our differences and finding our common goals and values.

aj2Ms Jennings said the ‘Whole of Community Change’ framework opens the door for the community to create a vision and to be supported in making it a reality by service providers and policy makers.”

Press Release HOPE MEDIA RELEASE – A whole of Community approach in Cunnamulla 150518 fc courtesy HOPE Harmony, Opportunity, Pride, Empowerment – Australia

Cunnamulla Landscape 2015

Allan Tannock Weir in Cunnamulla Cunnamulla Landscape Courtesy AJ 2015

May 16, 2015 The Oneness Foundation Broadcasts (Episode I) Featuring Lesli Moore Dahlke Founder The Oneness Foundation and Annalise Jennings Director Dynamic Exchange

The Oneness Foundation Radio Broadcasts

March 16, 2015 “Veterans of Life” Available in archive 

051615li-1051615LIEpisode One (I) Featuring Founder Lesli Moore Dahlke, David William Gibbons and Annalise Jennings Dynamic Exchange

The Oneness Foundation Broadcasts

The Oneness Foundation has invested in the strengths and attributes of radio and video streaming feeds, by establishing its own network. This will in coming months and years syndicate into partnered stations around the world. Discussions and dialogues designed to inspire and manifest the ideas, experiences and wisdoms brought to people around the world by Founder Leslie Moore Dahlke.

Annalise Jennings Dynamic Exchange

Annalise as the director of Dynamic Exchange has over 25 years experience in senior roles in financial services and other sectors including property and small business.

aj2Annalise is an experienced facilitator and has led business transformation in project management in large organisations and has an extensive background in risk management and organisational culture. This experience has been gained through working in India, Australia & New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She has spoken on transformation and maximising human potential in a variety of business and community forums. Annalise is also passionate about teams and helping them discover healthy working relationships and celebrating success and empowerment. She balances her time between key corporate engagements, her part-time career as an alternative health practitioner and has always combined her working life with parenting and study. She strongly believes in human potential and is a passionate advocate of ethical corporate and individual behaviour in the business community. Her qualifications include a post-graduate diploma in project management. She is affiliated with the Risk Management Association of Australia and is a member of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists.

Dynamic Exchange

Dynamic Exchange is the trusted partner in business and community transformation.

There mission is to support individuals, teams and communities to reach their fullest potential through discovering healthy working relationships and celebrating success and empowerment. They also believe in human potential and we are passionate advocates of ethical, corporate and individual behaviour in communities and in business.

Napranum Aboriginal Community (Queensland, Australia)

napooficialsiteNapranum (meaning meeting place of the people) was the site of Weipa Presbyterian Mission from 1932 to 1965. Before 1932, the original Weipa Mission was situated near Spring Creek on the upper northern reaches of the Embley River. On 1 February 1966, the church handed over control to the Queensland Government and the mission became known as Weipa South settlement. During the late 1960s the name Napranum was increasingly used by the community.

At least twelve traditional owner groups occupied the surrounding lands, however there are families living at Napranum today whose links extend to Mapoon and Weipa from the missionary period.

Lesli Moore Dahlke

lesliMD1UONELesli Moore Dahlke is a Southern Californian native. Being a native is a rarity for most “Californians,” who frequently come from other places in the country. But, proudly, she was born and raised in the bright beautiful Golden State. Lesli describes herself as a lucky child of the 50’s greatly loved by her parents. It was a time of innocence, a time when life was as gentle as a warm breeze. It was a time of growing up during the halcyon days. She was raised in the San Fernando Valley, one of the original vast booming post-World War II suburbs of Los Angeles. Lesli grew up in the shadows of tinsel-town’s glamour, its glitter and the glory days of Hollywood. Her father, Del Moore, was a noted and successful television and movie actor. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University, Northridge. Her degree was as a practitioner of Television and Film Production. Lesli’s secondary emphasis was on the written word of journalism. As her career began, she pursued a successful career in Television Media Production. Her credits include commercial film production, and numerous areas of television production, including producing live sports programming. Lesli was the Supervising Associate Producer for the award-winning documentary, “The Eisenhower Years,” for The Discovery Channel, as well as for PBS Network programming. She also supervised the production of PBS Telecourses, the front-runner to today’s on-line universities. Lesli headed the production staff that produced the first cable series for the Playboy Channel and various other ventures. She was a long time writer to the former on-line newspaper as an Environmental Contributor. Lesli now is a contributing writer for The City of Hope and is completing her second book, Every Day Is a Gift. Although her industry experiences were vast, challenging, and never routine, the most personal challenging experiences were yet to come.
Lesli Moore Dahlke 1970

Lesli Moore Dahlke 1970

Lesli Moore Dahlke 1970

Lesli was diagnosed with three virulent cancers caused by exposure to the carcinogenic Agent Orange while traveling with the USO, as an innocent 18-year old girl, in a war-torn Vietnam. As of this date, she lives daily with two rare and active cancers attributed to Agent Orange exposure.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

1Her life and story is explored and shared in the profound book The Best Is Yet To Come (published 2012) “I never miss a moment of this beautiful life. I am always filling my heart with the vivid colors, textures, and glorious memories, that make up the unique tapestry of this wonderful journey we call life!” Order the book here …

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