Indigenous Leadership & Governance Forum March 18 – 20, 2015

Brilliant efforts being made here by Annalise Jennings and the beautiful Napranum Aboriginal Community. Inspiring.


Media_5b494988e791411cadf3831821ba62e0Indigenous Leadership & Governance Forum 2015 Brisbane Australia March 18 – 20, 2015

Annalise Jennings is bringing the story of Napranum and Whole of Community Change to the Indigenous Leadership & Governance Forum 2015.

Akolade’s workshop facilitator, Annalise Jennings, has done some amazing work across many Indigenous communities. One example is in Queensland’s Aboriginal community of Napranum, she has helped design their 10-year vision by applying her ‘whole of community change’ philosophy.

Annalise says, “It’s underpinned by community ownership and self-determination and there’s a self-belief in the people that they can do anything – that really is the starting point.” The philosophy behind the program finds its balance between building an economic base for communities and also building the spiritual wellbeing of community members. As change starts to become evident, there’s a will and desire which enables everybody to participate and feel connected resulting in a sense of community pride…

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