Commemorative Program (re-engineered Legacy series 2009 – 2013) Dedication to those who lost and risked their lives on September 11, 2001

View broadcast details. Re-mastered Legacy Series (2009 – 2013) September 11, 2014.
Original Broadcast September 11, 2011: Commemorative Program: Dedication to those who lost and risked their lives on September 11, 2001.
Panel: Bob Beckwith (NYC fireman embraced by President Bush) & Alice Hoagland (Mother to Mark Bingham – Flight 93)


091114September 11, 2011 marks the Tenth Anniversary of the massive terrorist attack on the United States, resulting in the collapse of the World Trade Center’s twin towers and surrounding buildings, and part of the Pentagon building. The attack, carried out by members of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist organization, occurred on September 11, 2001. A series of airline hijackings and suicide bombings against U.S. targets planned by 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda. The attacks were planned in advance; the militants — most of whom were from Saudi Arabia — traveled to the U.S. beforehand, where a number received commercial flight training. Working in small groups, the hijackers boarded 4 domestic airliners in groups of 5 (a 20th participant was alleged) on Sept. 11, 2001, and took control of the planes soon after takeoff. At 8:46 AM (local time), the terrorists piloted the first plane into the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. A second plane struck the south tower some 15 minutes later. Both structures erupted in flames and, badly damaged, soon collapsed. A third plane struck the southwest side of the Pentagon near Washington, D.C., at 9:40, and within the next hour the fourth crashed in Pennsylvania after its passengers — aware of events via cellular telephone — attempted to overpower their assailants. Some 2,750 people were killed in New York, 184 at the Pentagon, and 40 in Pennsylvania. All 19 terrorists died. The program talks to Alice Hoagland and Bob Beckwith including audio and narrative extracts in dedication to those who died during the attacks. It is also dedicated to men and women from many countries for whom service abroad has assisted in the security since the events in 2001.Bob Beckwith (Retired NYFD)


beckwithAs Ground Zero reflected a scene of chaos just days after the attacks of September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush stood upon a wrecked fire engine with retired New York City firefighter Bob Beckwith. (FDNY’s Ladder 164 firehouse in Queens in 1994 after 29 years of honorable service) There image became iconic and traveled across the world representing a determination to rebuild following the World Trade Center attacks. Now 79 years old and some 10 years after the attacks during which he joined hundreds of individuals in the rescue attempts, he reflects upon those immediate days following the events in which hundreds of his own were killed.Alice Hoagland


alicehAlice Hoagland, today a respected authority on airline safety, is the mother of 9/11 victim Mark Bingham, who it is believed along with the other passengers of United Flight 93, stormed the cockpit and fought with terrorists for control of the hijacked aircraft. Although Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, PA, killing all aboard, the efforts of Mark and others heroically prevented the terrorists from striking intended targets in Washington DC.




markbingham“Mark lived vividly and unapologetically, and he had his share of fun, but he was gentlemanly and loyal to a fault, and he was a team player who knew how to motivate and inspire people.” Alice Hoagland


Mark Bingham (May 22, 1970 – September 11, 2001)

Mark Bingham is believed by to be among the passengers who attempted to storm the cockpit of Flight 93 to try to prevent members of Al Qaeda, a terrorist organization, from using the plane to kill hundreds or thousands of additional victims as a part of the 9/11 attacks on the United States. He made a brief airphone call to his mother, Alice Hoagland, shortly before the plane went down. Hoagland, a former flight attendant with United Airlines, later left a voice mail message on his cell phone, instructing Bingham to reclaim the aircraft after it became apparent that Flight 93 was to be used in a suicide mission.

Bingham was survived by his boyfriend of six years, Paul Holm, who said this was not the first time Bingham had risked his life to protect the lives of others. He had twice successfully protected Holm from attempted muggings, one at gunpoint. He was even known to proudly display a scar he received after being gored at the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Holm describes Bingham as a brave, competitive man, saying, “He hated to lose — at anything.”

Quote by Mark Bingham: “We have the chance to be role models for other gay folks who wanted to play sports, but never felt good enough or strong enough.”

“This is a great opportunity to change a lot of people’s minds, and to reach a group that might never have had to know or hear about gay people. Let’s go make some new friends… and win a few games.”

The passionate conversation talked to the scenes and images seared in his mind and to life’s journey since the events. During the program he also talks to the days and years since, and his work in raising funds for the New York Firefighters Burn Center Foundation. He has lived in Baldwin Long Island for the last 54 years.Every September 11 since 2002, Beckwith has been going to a memorial at Point Lookout on Long Island. This year (2011) he will attend the commemoration ceremony at ground zero.

76680741This is also in remembrance of Patrick J’ Obrien whose dedication to these broadcasts made this programme happen.

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