August 15, 2014 Carsten Alvén – Swedish Dialogue Police

Listen/view program.

Featuring Carsten Alvén – Swedish Dialogue Police

Carsten Alvén

ca1-1Since 2006 Alvén has worked as a police officer in downtown Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2007 he has had a part-time position as a dialogue police officer (focusing on activism). For a year and a half he has also participated in a project aimed at creating a similar dialogue with football fans – the supporter dialogue & liaison unit. Alvén has spoken frequently on police dialogue both within and outside the police force, not least at the National police academy. He has also been engaged as a teacher at the National police academy several times, and headed the National course on dialogue policing earlier this year.

Before joining the police force he worked as a military analyst and liaison officer for ten years. During this time he served in the Balkans for two years and made one tour to Afghanistan. Beside working as a police officer, Alvén is currently finishing a major in political science.

Swedish Dialogue Police

During the last nine years the Swedish Police have developed methods and approaches to police situations which are or may become dangerous in everyday police work and at major events through implementing police national police tactics which build on dialogue, de-escalation and non-confrontation. The organization consists of nationally trained commanders, uniformed police officers in mobile units, dialogue police officers and plainclothes arrest officers and transport units.

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