August 23, 2014 Crossing over the Bridge Seventy Panel Cosmologist and Researcher Matt Presti & Tarquin Namaste Author and Musician

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Matt Presti, Tarquin Namaste & David William Gibbons © 2014


matt_prestiMatt Presti is an independent researcher of Nature, Universal law, natural science, sacred geometry, alternative history, mythology, symbolism, numerology, alchemy, mysticism, spirituality, sacred texts, various religions, conspiracies, enlightenment, transcendence, shamanism, plants, herbology, natural medicine, alternative healing therapies, crevolution and consciousness explorer.

For the last several years Matt Presti has freely given his time and effort to providing those interested with a chronicle of his journey in this realm, as host of “The Exploration of Consciousness”. After researching the collective works of Dr. Walter and Lao Russell, Matt has branched into production of a video series along with co-producer Robert Otey, which greatly helps to explain Universal Law, Natural Science, and the Living Philosophy as authored by the Russell’s to the world. Through this endeavor of the heart he strives to assist in laying the foundation upon which a world brotherhood and sisterhood may be built for the benefit of all mankind.

Message of the Divine Iliad Series

Matt Presti is also working on an international radio series embarking on an in-depth study and celebration of the publication The Message of the Divine Iliad. (circa 1949) As a recognized researcher and authority on Russell’s work, he has brought new and powerful energy to the legacy provided by Walter Bowman and Lao Russell. The broadcasts are forecast to continue through 2015 with present focus on volumes I and II.

Walter Bowman Russell (May 19, 1871 – May 19, 1963)

Matt Presti has become a well-respected authority on the profound works of Walter Bowman Russell and his wife Lao Russell.

wr8Walter Bowman Russell indeed presented theories on the “fundamental principles of energy dynamics,” the nature of matter and the progression of the evolution of matter, and the depiction of the universe as a continuously changing, creating effort sustained by the systematic work effort of the energy of light. His depictions laws was a nonstandard cosmology. Students of his work today call it “Russellian science.”Russell portrayed the principles of the unity of universal law in a way which he believed brought many mainstream theories into direct conflict, or incompleteness, such as some of the principles of Isaac Newton e. g. weight as Dr. Russell explains: “… Weight should be measured dually as temperature is. It should have an above and below zero… ” He presented a view of the periodic table of elements that led him to the prediction of the existence of plutonium and the two isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium which were known in theory but as yet undiscovered in nature, (as well as elements which are still undiscovered in nature) e. g. the inert gases ‘alphanon’, ‘betanon’ and ‘gammanon’ as well as the creation of heavy water. Russell’s periodic table has not been adopted by mainstream chemistry. However in 1923, Charles Steinmetz of General Electric was able to corroborate the existence of some of the predicted transuranium elements by direct experimentation in the laboratory which helped to usher in the Atomic Age, in 1945. Such conflicts have left the work of Russell in obscurity. Robert Mayer claims this is because his cosmology, while complete in itself, would require upon its academic and scientific acceptance not only the upheaval of many scientific theories, but also matters such as the nature of God. Once, when asked how he acquired his scientific knowledge, he answered: “…I always looked for the Cause behind things and didn’t fritter away my time analyzing Effect. All knowledge exists as Cause. It is simple. It is limited to Light of Mind and the electric wave of motion which records God’s thinking in matter.” At one point, an impressed Nikola Tesla advised Dr. Russell to lock all the new knowledge in the Smithsonian for one thousand years or so, or until man is ready for it.


Tarquin Namaste Author and Musician

072714TNNamaste is an English writer and musician born in the northern town of Blackburn, located in the county of Lancashire. His home town of Accrington in the borough of Hyndburn and former heart of traditional textile manufacturing, now represents a repressed socio-typical working-class narrative, firmly imprinted into its culture. The end of an era in manufacturing and industry prevalent in the final decades of the twentieth century, left the town forever stripped of tradition and heritage. Now in the new millennium it contends for government subsidies with bordering towns including notably, Burnley and Blackburn. Intrinsic to the northern culture and its ‘left behind’ status, music with its contentious lyrics continues to play an important role. Tarquin subsequently grew up with this inherited wave of musical consciousness. Fascinated with the subliminal messages of modern music, prompted him to study the art form at college. Later as a student at Salford University (Manchester England) he studied music and musical theory. This included research on the principle sociological elements marked by earlier folk traditions of the 1700’s through to modern-day genres.

As a graduate of Salford University (BA Hons) in Popular Musicology he became interested in the Indie culture and a ‘branch off’ known as the post-punk revival. From the latter of these and prominent between the years 2000 and 2006 emerged Bloc Party, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol and Artic Monkeys. These influences led to the formation of his own band Moral Panic (2009 – 2013) and features in the Adventures of John Salad. In recent times Tarquin has gained significant interest in the genre known as frequencies; in particular the advent of 432Hz. “This is where I now see music to be heading within the alternative scenes, and even popular music, (all recorded and processed at 440Hz) which is being converted into this more natural frequency by ‘enlightened’ fans around the world.”

Books that have left an indelible impression upon him are ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ written by James Redfield and ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,’ the latter also featuring in the Adventures of John Salad. A book written from beginning to end in seven weeks while ‘taken-over’ by the higher forces of sheer illumination.

The Adventures of John Salad

tnbcAs an advocate of truth, Tarquin narrates explicitly the negative and positive insights principal character John Salad experiences in order to achieve his current state of balance, creativity and contentment. However ambiguous the ties appear between narrator and protagonist, Tarquin reveals an uncanny insight into the life of John Salad.

Tarquin himself is nothing but an honest bard, like Homer; sharing with us the odyssey that John Salad undertakes, in obtaining the unity of body and mind and, ultimately the unity of us all. So eradicate your suspicions to the reality of John’s voyage and unearth the secrets.  Open your soul to his message and surrender your mind to his intuitions. Alike to the way he opened his, in sharing his own encouraging message of progression and serenity. For trapped in his own body and mind, John Salad was ravaged by immense self-doubt. With incredible discoveries, faith, love and light he emancipated himself from the norms which shackle us all. By tapping into the real truth and disregarding societal pressures, John emerges as an enlightened being; willing to share his secret of spiritual progression with all of us. It all begins at the tree of life, the very tree he would have taken his mortal life from. The very tree of life which was the platform to an initiation of a dawn of new beginnings and existence. Connect with his story and that of a true narrator desiring no bias, where nothing is left unturned or unexplored. For as the narrator would argue – are we not all one? – linked as a spider’s web in the silk of life? Learn, and climb over the bridge of knowledge, love and understanding that binds us all together. Follow his journey, feel his infinite love and trust his words.


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