August 6, 2014 Recording Artist Kaliyani Making and Journey of Nammu’s Invocation

International Radio Streaming Broadcast: August 6, 2014

Listen/view broadcast:

Recording Artist Kaliyani

k1DGNBrazilian born Kaliyani (also known as Jane Villar-Gehr) is a spiritually inspired visionary, producer, artist, mother and founder of Stargate Alliance Films & Media whose mission is to inspire humanity though offering alternative visions, information and empowering tools for self, as well as for global soul transformation. It is Kaliyani’s dream to offer her Self as an instrument for the betterment of humanity and uplifting of consciousness on the planet. She explains that her deep heartfelt connection with Source is the driving force and fuel in everything she co-creates and assists in bringing forth.  As a recording artist, her first single, Nammu’s Innvocation was recently released. Her first EP will debut in late 2014.





Nammu’s Invocation

Kayliyani-Namus coverNammu’s Invocation, the principle track of an EP titled ‘Immanence’, has been selected for inclusion in the soundtrack to film ‘A Winter Rose’







A Winter Rose

Statement by Director Riz Story

k3DGNIn it’s essence, A WINTER ROSE is the triumphant story of a young girl who must overcome all odds to realize her ultimate dream in life. It is a story of love, friendship and following your dream. I believe that at the foundation of every film there is a timeless story. It is my hope that A WINTER ROSE is one such tale.

Winter Rose (Kimberly Whalen) was abandoned by her birth parents and placed in an orphanage as an infant. Despite her profound gift as a vocalist and lyric writer she is reluctant to pursue a career in music due to her deep fear of rejection. When she is miraculously chosen by her vocal idol, Rachal Love (Theresa Russell), to take the torch as the world’s next super diva, Winter must find the courage to face her fears, overcome her tumultuous life and realize her dream.

As a filmmaking storyteller, this project excites me with its well-balanced narrative and extraordinary characters. It was conceived as a showcase for acting prowess and will demand that every player is a world-class talent. It is with this in mind that we have cast the film with such actors as Paul Sorvino, Theresa Russell, Billy Zane, Robert Miano, Eddie Furlong, George Lazenby, Samaire Armstrong and introducing Kimberly Whalen.

Another aspect of this project that holds much appeal for me is the musical element. The film features an entirely original song score that is performed by our cast. I tried to instill the songs with a sense of timelessness, meant for a singer with extraordinary talents like Kimberly Whalen. It is my hope that the film and soundtrack album will be companion items that receive equal attention.

A WINTER ROSE represents a passion project for me as a director. The combination of timeless story, stirring music and highly engaging characters makes this the ideal project to express my love for both music and cinema.

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