June 5, 2014 International Radio Broadcast – Visionary Painter Faith Nolan

Listen/view broadcast.

June 5, 2014. Visionary Painter, Shamanic Guide, Poet & Author. “Gardens of the Soul”

fn1“There is an ancient and ever-present natural relationship, a circle of life, in which all things are related, and connected. This web of energy is affected by our every action,
thought, emotion and intention. My own understanding of this is expressed through the
practices of shamanism, which is not a ‘religion’, but a way of connecting with life in a sacred manner. This enables me to live in an ever-widening wave band of soul experience and understanding, with the guidance and loving support of personal helper spirits. This sacred perception – the presence of the unseen in the breath of the wind, and the fleeting glimpses of inspiration – has always been with through my painting and poetry. It is the Great Song which I am constantly drawn to, and which sings me.”


FAITH NOLTON was born 1947 in London, UK. and trained in Fine Art and Sculpture at Liverpool College of Art and in art teaching at Liverpool John Moores University. Since then she has made a lifelong exploration of spiritual creativity, perception, healing, sacred and tribal art and the ancient soul practices of Medicine Wheel and shamanism. She found a path with the Medicine Wheel traditions, with Leo Rutherford of Eagle’s Wing, UK, and in shamanism with Jonathan Horwitz of the Scandinavian Centre of Shamanic Studies.

Faith is a shamanic healer, soul counselor and ‘gardener’, teacher of sacred art and shamanism, editor and writer. For many years was editor of Sacred Hoop Magazine, an international publication on shamanism worldwide. She is author/illustrator of ‘Easy-to-Use Shamanism’ [Vega, 2002] and ‘Gardens of the Soul’ [Divine Arts 2014].

Faith gives creative/spiritual guidance sessions and workshops using soul imagery and sacred art. Every so often she has a ‘giveaway’ of her work via her website, letting the paintings find the homes they wish to go to rather than taking the gallery sales path. She now she lives in West Wales, painting her soul travels and sharing shamanic and creative ways of living with individuals and small groups. As she paints her experiences she continues to explore the world of the spirits that guide her, and deeper connections with the natural world. These paintings often hold a story, or soul song, that unfolds as she works. In this way she acts as midwife for images that Spirit wishes to birth.

Gardens of the Soul

fn2Gardens of the Soul is a book on shamanic artwork that weaves together the author’s own shamanic practice with her skills as a painter and poet. Readers are encouraged and instructed to create their own ‘Soul Gardens’ paintings. Through her paintings and writings Faith Nolton shares the creative processes of sacred art — both the inner journeying work and the practical art techniques. The book explores how by making sacred art we engage in a process of co-creation that can powerfully alter and enrich the physical world around us and expand our awareness.

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