March 13, 2014 Author Carolyn Gervais “I Dreamed I was Human”

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Original Broadcast March 13, 2014.

cg2Carolyn Gervais is the author of I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion, an eloquent explanation of complex metaphysical concepts that describe how human life connects with soul and spirit. She is an ordained spiritual psychologist, certified hypnotherapist, has a Masters in holistic nutrition, and has been a professional singer for more than 20 years.

From the time she was a little girl, Carolyn was haunted with questions as to why she was here on Earth and why God created humans.

Now after more than 35 years of study and research in metaphysical-spirituality, Carolyn has discovered her own view of spirituality and how that equates to the dream of life. Carolyn tackles some very thought-provoking concepts that take you on an inner journey, stretching your mind beyond the limitations of belief and perception.

The cumulative effect of her life-long search for truth led her to unraveling some complex metaphysical concepts and enabling her to describe them in a way that can benefit serious seekers.

Gervais Book CovercgmpIn I Dreamed I Was Human you will discover: How the ego commits murder—Are we influenced by parallel dimensions—Can our perception of God hold us hostage—The soul’s version of positive thinking—A very different view of reincarnation—Human pre-wiring, and much more.

On this journey Carolyn shares some of her mystical experiences. Some might call them magic or even miracles. She calls them spiritual experiences. A couple of these other-worldly experiences include the neighbor in the next door dimension and an encounter with a parallel self.

Carolyn has been frequently published in the “Sedona Journal of Emergence” magazine and on numerous websites focused on metaphysical-spirituality. She is an ordained minister of Lightworker Spiritual Psychology, a certified clinical hypnotherapist and has a master’s degree in holistic nutrition.

After years of living and working in cities and states around the country, Carolyn, a native Arizonan, now resides with her husband Doug back in her home state. They have three grown children.

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