November 15, 2013 Annie Burnside M.Ed. Soul to Soul Parenting

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ab1A modern bridge between the mainstream and the mystical, Annie Burnside, M.Ed., is a soul nurturer, author, public speaker and teacher specializing in helping others to embrace a soul to soul approach to life through self-awareness and spiritual development. Burnside’s teachings inspire others to listen to the voice of their own soul, and invite direct, divine connection into ordinary living. Her open, gentle approach encompasses all spiritual paths. Burnside sheds light on a missing piece (PEACE) in our world today. This missing piece is not a religious piece, a political piece, an educational piece or an economic piece. It’s a consciousness piece—a SPIRITUAL piece—that once discovered, can become infused into all other pieces to create a cohesive, whole approach to living in the modern world.

Burnside’s work helps individuals to grow personally by assisting them as they move down a path of self-realization to heal old wounds, uncover hidden beliefs, feel denied emotions, and allow joyful self-expression so that they can remember their innate wholeness and simultaneously become a clear mirror for the world. She feels that there is no greater contribution that we can make to the human race than our own awakening. Soul nurturing assists individuals from all religious, economic and cultural backgrounds to integrate a new perspective—a universal soul perspective—into their heart, thereby raising the consciousness in our families, schools, workplaces, healthcare systems, economies, political arenas, religious institutions, and world.

Burnside received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from DePauw University, and a Masters degree in Education from DePaul University. Nearly twenty-five years ago Burnside began her own personal growth journey. Due to her study of spiritual development, others began to seek her out as a teacher, inviting her to give lectures and workshops on spirituality. She created a spiritual support practice in 2005. The award-winning Soul to Soul Parenting is Burnside’s first book. She facilitates Soul to Soul Circles and offers private soul nurturing sessions. Burnside blogs for ChicagoNOW and The Daily Love. She lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and three children.


ab2Soul to Soul Parenting

A guidebook for parents who want to infuse greater spiritual awareness into everyday life, inspiring deeper meaning and connections within their family. Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family. It’s both a guidebook filled with a wide-ranging “toolbox” of ideas and activities and a remarkable chronicle of one family’s spiritual journey. The author, Annie Burnside, M.Ed.—teacher, wife, mother of three, and professional soul nurturer—is a modern mom who utilizes everyday life experiences including mealtimes, books, movies, art, friendships, time in the car, and family outings to open perspectives and nourish souls, infusing a heightened spiritual awareness into their lives. Today’s parents are searching for more inclusive, less polarizing ways to evolve with their children. Soul to Soul Parenting can be a key part of that journey, exploring how to forge deeper, more intimate communication within the family in the face of a fast-paced world. The book encourages parents from every demographic and religious base to become active participants in their children’s awakening as conscious global citizens.  Adapting principles learned from her journey of self-discovery, her family, and her professional experience providing spiritual insight and support, Annie empowers parents to live soul to soul with their children, not just side by side, offering inspiring prescriptive tools, applications, and ready-to-use ideas along the way.

Annie shares a spectrum of 22 methods for integrating spirituality into daily family life, encompassing a range of techniques—such as visual cues, the intuitive-gratitude journal, family discussions, the spirit mobile, exploring music, utilizing nature, cranking up the joy, and showing your spirit—as well as fifteen universal themes such as connectedness and boundaries, presence and openness, truth and perception, authenticity and joy. A key message for parents, Annie says, is that once a divine perspective is ignited within, we can feel more intimately connected to the eternal source, cultivating personal truth, authentic relationships, and enhanced life experiences. Effectively conveying this nondenominational, conscious spirituality to children will enable them to experience what the author calls direct divine connection, a sense of infinite possibility, and greater inner awareness. In her nurturing and affirming voice, Annie notes that the spiritually conscious family is definitely not a perfect family, but rather one that is fully aware of each individual’s capacity to shape their reality. Conscious parenting, she says, requires paying more attention to bringing your children to a deeper understanding of such powerful concepts as self-love, unique potential, free will, compassion, and gratitude, through a variety of simple, daily means. Recognizing that these subjects are distinctly personal within each family, Soul to Soul Parenting encourages all parents as the experts of their own families to tailor their efforts and trust themselves to teach their children universal spiritual principles.

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