Patrick J. O’Brien Vietnam Veteran, Investigative Journalist and American Patriot (b. October 6, 1947 – d. October 15, 2013)

pattribute† O’Brien, Patrick J. Veteran Investigative Journalist (b. October 6, 1947 – d. October 15, 2013) In this work and over many years I have been truly honored to work with the finest people in the world. Today in one of the saddest moment’s of my life, I was informed unexpectedly of the passing of my greatest of friends Patrick J. O’Brien. His devoted wife Beverly expressed quietly through great courage the final hours of this wonderful man’s life. Patrick and Beverly walked with me through intense times during the early years of this broadcasting. For three and a half years there has rarely been a day that passed without talking to my friend. Only this year have our conversations been less frequent, during which ongoing and continuing health challenges follow critical open-heart surgery. In fact we laughed together very recently betting on who would leave first. In so many ways I wish I had taken that title. The loss of this man has over recent hours left me almost incapacitated with grief. However, this  will subside as he would wish the broadcasts to continue unabated. They shall indeed.

Patrick proudly served his country as have so many other brave men and women. However, as a Vietnam veteran he suffered much of his life with scars both psychologically and physically. Following service in the armed forces he worked in the advertising industry and also became an experienced investigative journalist. As an entrepreneur he created successful enterprises. He also witnessed them fall but during many recollections, remained always pragmatic and thankful for the experiences.

Among the many shared achievements was our work on Deepwater during 2010 and 2011. This followed the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. His endless compassion for those directly affected and involved at any level, is reflected through endless hours of broadcast programs created during that period. Among those who featured in a long lineup of appearances, were ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau, Astronaut, Scientist and Author Dr. Brian O’Leary and Scott Porter, Diver, Marine Biologist.

Patrick and his beloved wife Beverly shall forever be ingrained in my soul for their friendship, love and dedication. To have known him and always have him by my side is an honor and privilege.

Patrick J. O’Brien Vietnam Veteran, Investigative Journalist and American Patriot (b. October 6, 1947 – d. October 15, 2013) Commemorative extended program as tribute to this great man’s life November 12, 2013.

“I shall always continue and work tirelessly in this transitional media work and you shall in every moment and until my last breath be by my side. For Beverly my love will continue in your absence. I  love you.”

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