Special Radio Series December 2013 “The Life of Lady Fiona Montagu of Beaulieu”

Listen to this special series airing on December 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29, 2013. “The Life of Lady Fiona Montagu of Beaulieu”

Lady Fiona Montagu of Beaulieu in-depth dialogue also incorporated in documentary (Summer 2014)76092314-1

Lady Fiona Montagu of Beaulieu was born in Zimbabwe, educated in Switzerland and has a background in television.  She lives at Beaulieu in the south of England, now home of the world-famous National Motor Museum of Britain, but originally home to a huge Cistercian Abbey in 1204.

She hosts events/situations there concerned with Cultural Heritage and Environmental Issues and she supports many charities especially those benefitting the Youth in all our countries. She is an International Advisor to Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams’ World Centres of Compassion for Children. Lady Montagu is also trustee of the Countryside education Trust based in the New Forest. Fiona Montagu is dedicated to the human future and studies practical metaphysics with a view to raising global consciousness by building bridges of awareness, compassion and co-operation between the nations of our planet, using as one of her vehicles the Club of Budapest International.

Dallas_International_Film_Festival_Lord_Montagu_171544One of her main interests is Ethics in Business and the Media and thus she is working towards creating Retreats for Visionary Leaders (spirituality in business) at her beautiful home, where the spiritual light that attracted the monks so long ago, continues to burn brightly.

A special radio series for December 2013 in advance of a full documentary interview with Lady Fiona Montagu launching in the Summer of 2014.

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