May 27, 2013 The Life and Works of Lesli Moore Dahlke ” The best is yet to come!”

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lmd1Lesli Moore Dahlke is a Southern Californian native. Being a native is a rarity for most “Californians,” who frequently come from other places in the country. But, proudly, I was born and raised in the bright beautiful Golden State.

I describe myself as a lucky child of the 50’s greatly loved by my parents. It was a time of innocence, a time when life was as gentle as a warm breeze. It was a time of growing up during the halcyon days.

I was raised in the San Fernando Valley, one of the original vast booming post-World War II suburbs of Los Angeles. I grew up in the shadows of tinsel-town’s glamour, its glitter and the glory days of Hollywood. My father, Del Moore, was a noted and successful television and movie actor.

I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University, Northridge. My degree was as a practitioner of Television and Film Production. My secondary emphasis was on the written word of journalism. As my career began, I pursued a successful career in Television Media Production.

My credits include commercial film production, and numerous areas of television production, including producing live sports programming.

I was the Supervising Associate Producer for the award-winning documentary, “The Eisenhower Years,” for The Discovery Channel, as well as for PBS Network programming. I also supervised the production of PBS Telecourses, the front-runner to today’s on-line universities.

I headed the production staff that produced the first cable series for the Playboy Channel and various other ventures.

I currently write articles as an Environmental Contributor, for the on-line newspaper.

Although my industry experiences were vast, challenging, and never routine, my most challenging experiences were yet to come.

I was diagnosed with three virulent cancers caused by exposure to the carcinogenic Agent Orange while traveling with the USO, as an innocent 18-year old girl, in a war-torn Vietnam.

As of this date, I live daily with two rare and active cancers attributed to Agent Orange exposure.

I never miss a moment of this beautiful life. I am always filling my heart with remarkable memories of this wonderful journey we call life!


The-Best-Is-Yet-To-Come-Book-3D-213x300The Best is yet to Come!

The best is yet to come is an enjoyable adventure of my life, from birth to the current day. It is filled with surprising laughter, and raw honesty, as well as unimaginable struggles and challenges along the way. As an 18-year-old girl, I was exposed to the carcinogenic chemical, Agent Orange, during the Vietnam War. Traveling with the USO under the auspices of the US Army, my life was unknowingly altered for life. Devastatingly, years later, I developed three life-taking cancers from that Christmas trip of 1970. My story is always encouraging with the enormity of spirit and determination. I fight the monolithic bureaucracy of the United States while always sharing lightheartedness. To me, life is a glorious kaleidoscope. It is a continually changing pattern of shapes and colors. Experiences build the foundation of who I am. During my lifetime, the mountain of memories I have gathered have supported the structure of my life. Life is like an onion.  It is a big beautiful, purple, sweet onion with layer upon layer of complexity. Peel away one layer and there is something beautiful on that level. Keep peeling. The deeper you go, the more you have a bundle of sweet layers, each with its distinctive shape and personality! There is so much more than what is obvious on the surface.

I have had three cancers. Two of my cancers are currently active. They are along for the ride with me daily, and are sharing this adventure we call life. But, they are only part of my life and its story. Cancer has taught me and given me an immediacy of life. Cancer has become a gift of understanding and enjoying life’s amazing moments. However, cancer is only one part of me.  It is a single event that shapes and colors my life. It is a chapter within a bigger story. But, it is NOT the whole story. I am still the person I was before cancer came to me. My heart is always filled with how great life is. I am always grateful to be me. Please come along with me on this unusual life’s story. Enjoy the beauty and challenges of all that life can be.

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