January 27, 2013 Crossing over the Bridge Fifty-Eight (58) in Series

strip012713Listen to program. Crossing over the Bridge (58) – Panel: JD Messinger Author, Nuclear Submarine Officer & Former CEO Earnest & Young, (Singapore) Allen Lee Adkins Pioneer & Researcher, Scott Tips JD President National Health Federation, Coe Kitten Metasyn Artist & Author Judith Diana Winston

jd1J.D. Messinger is the former Chief Executive Officer of Ernst & Young Consulting (Singapore) and Cap Gemini E&Y (South East Asia). A global expert on the energy industry and a global thought leader on change, and adaptation, JD was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy by the U.S. Secretary of the Navy and was one of 37 Distinguished Graduates. He was a fireman, nuclear engineer and qualified submarine officer in the United States Navy submarine fleet and served on three submarines during the Cold War. In 1986 he joined Exxon and served in various executive management positions including supply, distribution, transportation, bulk terminal and truck fleet operation and fuel products pricing, analyzing macro and micro supply and demand factors. As a crisis leader JD successfully supervised an 850-person team and a fleet of 125 ships and aircraft, cleaning over 1,000 miles of Alaskan shoreline after the Valdez oil spill. In 1995, JD joined Ernst & Young LLP (U.S) and became a partner managing global supply chain, outsourcing and systems implementations projects for clients such as Royal Dutch Shell, Phillips Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, Engen Oil, the Singapore Ministry of Defence, the Singapore Prime Minister, Maybank and Wal-Mart. In 1998 he moved to Singapore and as the director of the energy, chemical and utilities industry sector, grew the business twenty fold in two years. He then became the CEO for Ernst & Young Consulting Singapore and in 2000, after the Cap Gemini acquisition, JD was appointed CEO of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (South-East Asia) where he was responsible for all IT and management consulting services. In this capacity, he served as a key advisor for innovation and economic development for the Singapore Prime Ministers Office as well as numerous national statutory boards and government ministries in Singapore, Malaysia and China. After September 11, 2001 JD became a senior advisor to the Singapore Ministry of Defence on innovation and helped design and develop adaptive response capabilities. In January 2003, JD founded the Essence group of companies which provide informational, educational and entertaining offerings to accelerate personal, corporate and global evolution. A renowned speaker, JD has presented and spoken to tens of thousands of people on preparing for the unexpected and how to develop creative, flexible and innovative teams to solve complex national and global challenges.

jdm211 Days in May: The Conversation That Will Change Your Life is the world’s first two-way interactive ebook. 11 Days in May merges words, art, music, videos, radio interviews and two-way interactive features that allows readers to vote and discuss the themes within the book. The story of one man’s spiritual transformation as he seeks the answers to the great questions: who am I, why am I here and where did I come from? After breaking his neck, leaving his body, and returning, JD Messinger experienced prophetic visions and insights. Over the course of eleven days, he takes us on a journey with a mysterious friend. The two bicker like brothers but converse like sages as they investigate the answers to thirty-six of life’s most important questions.

ALAblAfter growing up in suburban Dallas and Houston, Texas Allen Lee Adkins embarked on a wide array of life experiences from traveling the world as a merchant marine engineer and moving to Hawaii where he began a life-long interest in meditation and health and healing practices to starting high tech companies in Silicon Valley and becoming a pioneer in the CD-ROM technology – developing among the very first CD-ROM applications and pioneering the first PC based CD-ROM recording systems. During this time he has widely traveled to 50 countries with extensive travel to Japan and Europe. While on a journey to India to deliver recording equipment to the Dalia Lama, Allen went to Kathmandu, Nepal to study Sanskrit and Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Manna Vajra who had carried on this practice in his family lineage for 1,000 years. This and subsequent early work with raw and living foods in the mid 1970’s was to form a life long focus and passion for understanding the intricacies of our human life and health secrets. After moving from Hawaii to California in 1979, Allen took a turn toward high technology at a critical time in the burgeoning Silicon Valley era from the mid 1980’s to the mid 1990’s.

scotttipps-1Scott Tips received his Bachelor of Arts degree, magna cum laude, from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1976, studied at the Sorbonne (Paris I) from 1976-1977, and obtained his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) in 1980, where he was the Managing Editor of the California Law Review. A California-licensed attorney, he was admitted to the California Bar in 1980 and has specialized in food-and-drug law and trademark law, but also engages in business litigation, general business law, and nonprofit organizations, with an international clientele. Since 1989, Mr. Tips has been the General Counsel for the National Health Federation, the World’s oldest health-freedom organization for consumers. In 2007, Mr. Tips became NHF President, and has been a speaker for the organization on several continents.

A legal columnist, he writes a monthly column for Whole Foods Magazine called “Legal Tips,” a column he started in 1984. Currently, Mr. Tips is occupying much of his time with health-freedom issues involving the Codex Alimentarius Commission and its and other attempts to limit individual freedom of choice in health matters. In that capacity, he has recently compiled, edited, and published a book on the subject entitled Codex Alimentarius – Global Food Imperialism. He also attends Codex meetings worldwide and has attended more Codex meetings than any other health-freedom activist.

ck3Coe Kitten was born in Algona, Iowa. Soon thereafter she was transported to postwar, Japan, during her earliest, impressionable years. Most of her life afterwards was about growing up and surviving in Florida and California. Coe has been engaged in conscious, deep personal healing work for the past two decades between Los Angeles and San Francisco. She is the mother of Laurel Kitten. Kitten, continues to challenge reality and explore multiple healing modalities and disciplines for facing the resolution of traumatic challenges in daily life as a woman, artist, writer and student of science, while developing herself now, as an entrepreneurial business woman. She is an advocate for non-violent communication to bring closure with the past, inclusive to opening new frontiers for creative problem solving simpatico with the future that has always called to her with a clear, bright and unstoppable voice. This goal is greatly enhanced through becoming a TEAM 2 graduate of Landmark Educations World of Advanced Communication. Coe Kitten, is also the Mother of METAsyn Art. This vision at its genesis is the core for a sacred arts seed bank called METAsyn Art.  This art is collaborative by design and is for the purpose of allowing awareness of the Spirit within and to inspire reverence for life. METAsyn Art uses the universal language of art as a tool for facilitation of non-violent communication on taboo topics and complex social issues for individuals and groups bridging the gap between breakdown and breakthrough.

jdw2Judith Diana Winston is a visionary artist, writer and life mentor. Originally from the Midwest, she moved to San Francisco where she worked as a script supervisor in the film industry and then as a fashion photographer. She is the author of the underground classic book, “Meditative Magic–The Pleiadean Glyphs,” an inspired collection of consciousness-altering symbols. In the early 1980’s Judith Diana (who prefers to be called, Diana) moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles, thinking to expand her burgeoning career as a fashion photographer.  However, life seemed to have other plans for her. Through a series of unexpected events she soon found herself in Egypt studying with a well-known author, teacher, and trance medium.  A year and a half later she returned to Egypt as his staff photographer.

Following that fateful second journey, a story began tugging on her sleeve – a story begging to be told.  In fact, the heart of what was to become her novel, “The Keeper of the Diary” came roaring through her in four flurry-filled days while staying at a friend’s bed and breakfast in Northern California. Thus began the ongoing process of combining her quest for life’s deeper meaning with her abilities as an artist and communicator. Judith Diana became obsessed with understanding mankind’s origin and destiny. She spent almost ten years visiting, photographing and learning about many of the earth’s ancient megalithic (“great stone”) sacred sites – as well as swimming with wild Dolphins. Her sacred site journeys ranged from South America, England, Scotland, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Easter Island, and the American Southwest. As she traveled, she was also drawn to research archeological texts as well as the mythology and channeled material related to these places. It was out of these various and divergent experiences, both inner and outer, that Cassie, the protagonist of “The Keeper of The Diary,” was born.

Judith Diana considers herself a Mystic and, like many others holding an expanding worldview, believes that the entire planet is going through a great shift in consciousness. She considers herself a “bridge person” – helping to bridge a deeper and more spiritual view of reality to our lives in the everyday world.

“When I reflect on all of my work, I see it as basically spiritual in nature.  My purpose has always been to change and elevate consciousness and work toward healing. We are living in a time demanding that we grow in our ability to perceive both ourselves, and the world around us, in new ways.  These challenging times are forcing us to face some of our deepest fears as well as providing opportunities to realize our personal and collective dreams.“ Judith Diana Winston.

jdw1The Keeper of the Diary

Circumstances force fashion photographer, Cassie, to take an unlikely assignment in Egypt, where a diary mysteriously appears in her camera case. Inextricably drawn to its content, she begins to discover a surprising connection to the diary’s writer. She doesn’t know whether or not to believe it, but if the diary is true, it means not only that its writer is in mortal danger but also our entire Planet.

The discovery of the diary starts Cassie on a spiritual journey of adventure, intrigue and synchronicity, that takes her to many of the world’s most ancient and enigmatic Sacred Stone Sites, and leads her to uncover the Planet’s most primeval and powerful knowledge—including the surprising secret of her own past.

As her startling mission becomes clearer, Cassie finds herself and the diary’s distant (or not-so-distant) writer tapping into a potent stream of knowledge and energy that has flowed through ancient civilizations – from Atlantis to Egypt and Israel, to South America and the South Pacific. It gradually becomes clear that understanding the secrets underlying our world – and these civilizations – is not just a stop on a tour bus, but rather it is essential in battling the forces of Darkness, Ignorance, Fear, and Separation that threaten humanity today. However, to find the diary’s creator and save him, Cassie must overcome her own self-doubt, and come to terms with her gifts and passions as well as a life-altering destiny she never imagined existed.

All of the incomprehensible events in humanity’s long history become clear – in an unexpected way. And as for our future, “The Keeper of the Diary” demonstrates how invisible threads of energy can tie the past, present, and possibly even our future, together in a most deliberate way. It offers both an important warning for mankind and a profound vision for our future.

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