January 7, 2013 Author JD Messinger 11 Days in May “The Life & Works of JD Messinger”

Listen to Program. January 7, 2013 Author JD Messinger 11 Days in May “The Life & Works of JD Messinger.”


jd1J.D. Messinger is the former Chief Executive Officer of Ernst & Young Consulting (Singapore) and Cap Gemini E&Y (South East Asia). A global expert on the energy industry and a global thought leader on change, and adaptation, JD was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy by the U.S. Secretary of the Navy and was one of 37 Distinguished Graduates. He was a fireman, nuclear engineer and qualified submarine officer in the United States Navy submarine fleet and served on three submarines during the Cold War. In 1986 he joined Exxon and served in various executive management positions including supply, distribution, transportation, bulk terminal and truck fleet operation and fuel products pricing, analyzing macro and micro supply and demand factors. As a crisis leader JD successfully supervised an 850-person team and a fleet of 125 ships and aircraft, cleaning over 1,000 miles of Alaskan shoreline after the Valdez oil spill. In 1995, JD joined Ernst & Young LLP (U.S) and became a partner managing global supply chain, outsourcing and systems implementations projects for clients such as Royal Dutch Shell, Phillips Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, Engen Oil, the Singapore Ministry of Defence, the Singapore Prime Minister, Maybank and Wal-Mart. In 1998 he moved to Singapore and as the director of the energy, chemical and utilities industry sector, grew the business twenty fold in two years. He then became the CEO for Ernst & Young Consulting Singapore and in 2000, after the Cap Gemini acquisition, JD was appointed CEO of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (South-East Asia) where he was responsible for all IT and management consulting services. In this capacity, he served as a key advisor for innovation and economic development for the Singapore Prime Ministers Office as well as numerous national statutory boards and government ministries in Singapore, Malaysia and China. After September 11, 2001 JD became a senior advisor to the Singapore Ministry of Defence on innovation and helped design and develop adaptive response capabilities. In January 2003, JD founded the Essence group of companies which provide informational, educational and entertaining offerings to accelerate personal, corporate and global evolution. A renowned speaker, JD has presented and spoken to tens of thousands of people on preparing for the unexpected and how to develop creative, flexible and innovative teams to solve complex national and global challenges.


jdm211 Days in May: The Conversation That Will Change Your Life is the world’s first two-way interactive ebook. 11 Days in May merges words, art, music, videos, radio interviews and two-way interactive features that allows readers to vote and discuss the themes within the book. The story of one man’s spiritual transformation as he seeks the answers to the great questions: who am I, why am I here and where did I come from? After breaking his neck, leaving his body, and returning, JD Messinger experienced prophetic visions and insights. Over the course of eleven days, he takes us on a journey with a mysterious friend. The two bicker like brothers but converse like sages as they investigate the answers to thirty-six of life’s most important questions.

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