November 11, 2012 Claude Hobbs, Carrizozo, New Mexico Claude Hobbs “A Cowboy’s Legacy”

Listen to Program. Claude Hobbs “A Cowboy’s Legacy.” Claude Marion Hobbs was born at the Cradle Stage Stop in Ancho New Mexico on October 20, 1920. His parents originally from Texas George and Dona Hobbs, moved to the area several years prior to his birth. His Father was a cowboy and spent his life as did his son Claude Hobbs on remote ranches. Claude Hobbs attended school until his eighth grade in White Oaks. The school house still remains today where Hobbs makes regular visits. He walked two or three miles every day to school after which he would return home to chop wood and milk the family cows under the direction of his parents.

In following the footsteps of his Father, he became a traditional cowboy working for Rancher John Blackshire. Later in 1937 he dug trenches for J.E. Click before working for the Murphy Cattle Company, where he would spend time bronco riding.  In December 1941 his life would change forever after learning from his Father the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In the Summer of 1942 he was drafted into the army and after basic training attached to the 477th regiment. Later in February 1944 he headed to Liverpool England in preparation for D-Day on June 6th 1944. His regiment landed on Omaha’s F sector beach head from where he would witness the bodies of some 3,500 dead Americans.

He married Annie his wife from nearby Ancho. Together they had three children. During the years they trapped coyotes for local ranchers. His wife passed away on Christmas Eve 1995. Hobbs worked for the US Forestry Service for 15 years prior to his last job before retirement as manager for local businessman Robert O. Anderson.

His saddle of 65 years currently resides in the Carrizozo Heritage Museum from which this historical program was made.

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