October 30, 2012 Crossing over the Bridge Fifty Five (55) in Series “Healthcare Paradigms Shift”

Listen to Program. October 30, 2012 Crossing over the Bridge Fifty Five (55) in Series “Healthcare Paradigms Shift.”

VVC founder, Kandy Hammond offers medical professionals and practitioners an opportunity to enhance their medical services to the public through her integrated clinical and business system. Her enthusiastic approach to patient care combined with a results-oriented curriculum creating a seamless business model within the clinical environment, highlights her VVC 2-day training programs. In addition to her success-oriented collaborations, she also provides ongoing clinical updates and supportive follow-up after the completion of the initial VVC training program. For more than two decades she has had an established career in the nursing field, with the last 15 years specifically in clinical practice treating venous disease. Considered one of the foremost consultants in the U.S.A., her management style is defined by an attention to detail supported by solution technologies that have evolved throughout her career at Midwest Vein and Laser Center and as a hospital ICU nurse at Columbus Ohio’s Children’s Hospital (Neo-Natal ICU), Grant Medical Center (Surgical & Trauma ICU), as well as Lima Memorial Hospital (Surgical ICU). As a result of her wide-ranging nursing experience, she has a thorough understanding of patient care and the management skills necessary for successful working models in the medical profession’s clinical environments.

Her current association with Midwest Vein and Laser Center, where she is currently Clinical Director, enables her to offer experienced insight and practical assistance to colleagues in the field of venous medicine. Collaborating with and assisting internationally esteemed surgeon and innovative specialist Dr. Ronald Bush, makes her a desirable consultant to others in the growing field of vein treatment and laser surgery. Since 2006 she has been President of Varicose Vein Consulting and Clinical Consultant of  Vein Experts – an organization of over 150 physicians specializing in the treatment of venous disease. As a national consultant and educator she has also provided training for Dornier Med Tech; training physicians and nurses in laser therapy and pulsed light therapy. She is a co-presenter for the Advanced Venous Symposium where she instructs surgeons on the techniques used in Midwest Vein and Laser Center.

She has co-authored several articles specifically about innovative techniques and procedures concerning venous conditions in such publications as Journal of American College of Surgeons, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, Annals of Vascular Surgery, Phlebology, and Lasers in Surgery and Medicine and The Journal of Radiologic Nursing. To date, she has attended more than 100 seminars where she has trained countless medical professionals. She has been a guest speaker at the International Vein Congress for the past 8 years, with additional presentations at INVein Techniques. Kandy Hammond has been a Faculty Speaker for the International Varicose Vein Congress in Miami, Florida for the past 10 years.

Mr. Adams career spans over thirty years. Early in his career he held management positions in Fortune 100 companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Borg Warner Health Products and Herman Miller. After leaving the corporate setting he found and built three management consulting firms, the last of which he sold to Perot System as part of their pre IPO strategy. There he reported to the internationally acclaimed thought leader, author and then Vice Chairman of Perot, Mr. James Champy. In this position he focused his attention on leveraging Perot’s technology to help improve the health care delivery system, while contributing to Mr. Champy’s second book entitled, X Engineering The Corporation.

Upon Perot’s IPO Mr. Adams left the company to form Whitespace Consulting, an innovation and change management firm concentrating on health care and technology. There he invented a patent pending change program called The Value Component® System. Since 1998 he has   successfully applied his program in many Fortune 500 companies in a wide variety of assignments. In 2010 he upgraded and re-launched the platform under the name OutcomeDynamics™, which today is being touted as “Innovation Architecture”. In 2011 he founded Whitespace Healthcare focused on private practice, and in particular interventional medicine. Here he utilizes his ‘Innovation Architecture” to reinvent the bench marks for achieving performance excellence within private practice. His aim is to ensure private practice survives the “Storm of Reform” swirling throughout the health care industry. To accomplish this end his company’s research division has performed an extensive year-long study entitled Practice Performance … Drivers to Metrics. The study provided critical factors which confront private practice as they attempt to survive health care reform. He is authoring a series of white papers and lectures on the topic to raise awareness of the catastrophic impact the loss of private practice could have on the economic, social and political landscape of America. He is also authoring a book on the subject entitled The Race to Practice Excellence, which is due for release in 2013.

As well throughout his consulting carrier Mr. Adams has served as interim executive in several turn-around situations and has sat on the boards of both public (NASDAQ) and private firms advising C-Level Executives on strategic matters. He also has been a sought-after keynote and subject-matter speaker for professional associations and corporate venous on topics related to innovation, change management and performance improvement.

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