October 19, 2012 Crossing over the Bridge Fifty One “The Divine Trinity”

Listen to Program. Crossing over the Bridge (Fifty One in Series) Panel Coe Kitten Metasyn Artist & Matt Presti Cosmologist and Independent Researcher

Coe Kitten was born in Algona, Iowa. Soon thereafter she was transported to postwar, Japan, during her earliest, impressionable years. Most of her life afterwards was about growing up and surviving in Florida and California. Coe has been engaged in conscious, deep personal healing work for the past two decades between L.A. and San Francisco. She is the mother of, Laurel Kitten, also a visionary. Coe, continues to challenge reality and explore multiple healing modalities and disciplines for facing the resolution of traumatic challenges in daily life as a woman, artist, writer and student of science, while developing herself now, as an entrepreneurial business woman. She is an advocate for non-violent communication to bring closure with the past, inclusive to opening new frontiers for creative problem solving simpatico with the future that has always called to her with a clear, bright and unstoppable voice. This goal is greatly enhanced through becoming a TEAM 2 graduate of Landmark Educations World of Advanced Communication.

Coe Kitten, is also the Mother of METAsyn Art. This vision at its genesis is the core for a sacred arts seed bank called METAsyn Art.  This art is collaborative by design and is for the purpose of allowing awareness of the Spirit within and to inspire reverence for life. METAsyn Art uses the universal language of art as a tool for facilitation of non-violent communication on taboo topics and complex social issues for individuals and groups bridging the gap between breakdown and breakthrough.

Matt Presti is an independent researcher of Nature, Universal law, natural science, sacred geometry, alternative history, mythology, symbolism, numerology, alchemy, mysticism, spirituality, sacred texts, various religions, conspiracies, enlightenment, transcendence, shamanism, plants, herbology, natural medicine, alternative healing therapies, crevolution and consciousness explorer. For the last several years Matt Presti has freely given his time and effort to providing those interested with a chronicle of his journey in this realm, as host of “The Exploration of Consciousness”. After researching the collective works of Dr. Walter and Lao Russell, Matt has branched into production of a video series along with co-producer Robert Otey, which greatly helps to explain Universal Law, Natural Science, and the Living Philosophy as authored by the Russell’s to the world. Through this endeavor of the heart he strives to assist in laying the foundation upon which a world brotherhood and sisterhood may be built for the benefit of all mankind.

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