September 21, 2012 New Series Introduction “Secrets of the Divine Feminine”

  Listen to Program. New Series Introduction. “Secrets of the Divine Feminine.”

“As with the natural evolution of any state of being, this program shall build and create the secret’s to a divine feminine from its source through ever creating rhythmic interplay. From historical heritage defining the fall of Sophia and the ensuing and continuing re-balance between masculine and feminine, these programs will feed creativity of deep dialogue through the power of art and healing. A unique and inspiring dialogue building between individuals and panels of beings, that will together build a pathway through which the feminine discovers its true wisdom and masculine the road to recovery. In these times of change the wider conflicts and fading of old systems, will come a healing greater than any leader, nation or power can embrace. For those true resolutions to all universal motion where global chaos re-capitulates and continues, will be a reset through individual self-understanding between men and women around the sacred boulder of enlightenment. Global dilemmas will cease through local dialogue and the power of the artist’s hands, where sex becomes union in a universal simplicity and man and woman unite finally in true harmony.”

Coe Kitten was born in Algona, Iowa. Soon thereafter she was transported to postwar, Japan, during her earliest, impressionable years. Most of her life afterwards was about growing up and surviving in Florida and California. Coe has been engaged in conscious, deep personal healing work for the past two decades between Los Angeles and San Francisco. She is the mother of Laurel Kitten. Kitten, continues to challenge reality and explore multiple healing modalities and disciplines for facing the resolution of traumatic challenges in daily life as a woman, artist, writer and student of science, while developing herself now, as an entrepreneurial business woman. She is an advocate for non-violent communication to bring closure with the past, inclusive to opening new frontiers for creative problem solving simpatico with the future that has always called to her with a clear, bright and unstoppable voice. This goal is greatly enhanced through becoming a TEAM 2 graduate of Landmark Educations World of Advanced Communication. Coe Kitten, is also the Mother of METAsyn Art. This vision at its genesis is the core for a sacred arts seed bank called METAsyn Art.  This art is collaborative by design and is for the purpose of allowing awareness of the Spirit within and to inspire reverence for life. METAsyn Art uses the universal language of art as a tool for facilitation of non-violent communication on taboo topics and complex social issues for individuals and groups bridging the gap between breakdown and breakthrough.

  1. Hi Coe! I am proud of you Coe and are beginning your dreams of stepping out with your METAsyn Art. I am happy to see your realization of into healing through art. We recently discussed interpretations and meanings through art. I mentioned to you in my opinion art is personalized for each individual. There is no right right or wrong interpretations. My opinion of METAsyn Art is to allow an individual to absorb it’s energy into your soul, connecting and interpreting the messages to your conscious self. I feel Metaphysical art allows your subconscious and conscious to communicate with you and be able to work through your obstacles/blockages, needs, desires and to let go of what no longer serves you. This also allows you to be able to reflect and heal your hurts, sufferings, negative programming, and allow your dreams to be fulfilled. It also allows you the ability to reflect honestly of the inner you. Your inner being yearning to be acknowledged, forgiven, and released to the heavens/universe for cleansing. The negative energies are then transmuted into pure positive energy and clear a path so you may live your life to its fullest. This can only be used for the highest good for all.
    Coe and I spent about 1 year working with energy movements, healing and stepping into the unknown. I am proud of you Coe Kitten. You have come a long way. Welcome into your journey in the world of healing. 🙂

  2. Darling Coe,

    You inspire me with your wisdom, art, writings, insight, intelligence, and purpose. May you succeed in your every endeavor, and facilitate the deep healing that is so needed on the individual and planetary level. You are a true gift to this world, a treasure beyond measure. I salute you and look forward to the continued manifestation of your dreams.

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