September 9, 2012 “Letter’s from the Wisdom Master” David William Gibbons

Listen to Program. September 9, 2012. Letters from the Wisdom Master – David William Gibbons.

David William Gibbons is best known for the creation of deep ethereal dialogue, broadcast widely across the transitory and fast evolving technologies existing at the beginning of the 21st Century. His work in the humanities began at a fundamental level with the 14 days journeys across America and the United Kingdom in 2004 and 2005. During this period he found an emerging and transformational personal gift of human connection, in concert with the creation of profound photography and film. Later, at a revolutionary changing point in his life, an understanding developed in pairing historical context with human connection dynamics. This was defined and developed during 2009, through the personal exploration and extensive research of deep discussion and narrative in audio and video mediums. This period also marked a time of introspection and intense hardships through which he traveled, until such time as the platform upon which his material resides found its mark. The programming and rich dialogue have since developed and advanced to where an extensive and powerful legacy now exists. Today, these dialogues continue to expand based upon the transformation of a challenged planet. Distinguished individuals and groups from all over the world have participated in deep conversations, the latter of which are charted through international panels on the well respected Crossing over the Bridge series. The most notable of these include the late Dr. Brian O’Leary Astronaut and Author, with whom he recorded over 28 hours of dialogue and engaged in hundred’s of hours of personal conversations outside of the regular broadcasting schedule. A close friendship and mutual respect developed between the two individuals heavily reflected and resonating in the work that they created together. Dr. Brian O’Leary passed in July 2011. It is considered in many circles, that the material created between the two individuals represents the greatest body of conversations currently known to be in existence during Dr. O’Leary’s life. His work continues with an underscore of quiet discernment, deliberating upon wide spread issues of which free energy and evolving conscious human behavior define the backbone of a core and determined mission. Through an open and ever deepening form of dialogue, the views of people and realities continue to build upon his long believed view that this current time reflects this “the generation of all generations.”
Gibbons early life was immersed in the Wiltshire countryside of England. His memories are personal and now becoming vivid in later years. The first wisdom series program is based upon his observation in the fields around Stonehenge. The series will be delivered on location from places around the world.

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