July 17, 2012 Sandy Robertson RN MSN “Why Am I Eating This?”

Listen to Program. July 17, 2012 Sandy Robertson RN MSN “Why Am I Eating This?” With a background in nursing, wellness and fitness, Sandy Robertson has been launching behavior change programs in corporate and hospital settings for over twenty-five years. She has counseled hundreds of individuals and conducted weight loss classes for thousands. Her extensive professional experience has revealed that losing weight is significantly impacted by the psychology of eating. Having gone on her own successful weight loss journey, Robertson knows that addressing the psychological root of overeating can shave time from a weight loss plan. There is a lot that goes into why we eat and when: our history, our emotions and our culture. But the good news is that we can learn more about why we eat and make wiser selections to become discerning eaters. Robertson shares helpful meditations and powerful exercises to create awareness of how emotions and feelings affect food intake, launching you on a journey of self awareness and major positive change in your weight and in your life. Why Am I Eating This? provides a map to help you journey beyond self-sabotaging patterns and old ingrained relationships with food to a self-nurturing and empowering state.

An estimated 35% of adult Americans are obese. Add to that the staggering number of overweight children and the sharp increase in diabetes, Ms. Robertson’s short but powerful book is a timely reminder that millions of people don’t know how, when or why to stop eating too much – no matter how many diet books they read. She has invested her professional life in this work after her own successful weight loss journey using these methods and studying the fact that “…some of these eating habits are deeply rooted, with causes that have nothing to do with food choices or levels of physical hunger.” In other words, the answer is not in a diet book telling you what, when and how much to eat. “Seven Simple Steps to Retrain Your Mind About Food”, the book’s subtitle, dissects current eating patterns, beginning with a person’s “eating blueprint.” This empowers readers to look honestly at they way they approach food, and then to use specific positive “self talk”, meditations and other awareness techniques to eat in a more conscious way. While most diet manuals tell us what we already know, Why Am I Eating This? instead recommends analyzing one’s emotional and cultural background, along with moment to moment mindfulness and internal cues,  to help eliminate “self-sabotaging” eating patterns.

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