July 3, 2012 Adelia Maria Batista Human Rights Activist “Bridges Life Connections” Les Cayes Haiti “The Inspirational Leadership for a New Haiti”

Listen to program. July 3, 2012 Adelia Maria Batista Human Rights Activist “Bridges Life Connections” Les Cayes Haiti “The Inspirational Leadership for a New Haiti.”

Dr. Adelia Maria Batista was born Adelia Maria Batista de Souza in the state of Minas Gerais Brazil during the spring of 1963. The beautiful town of Sete Lagoas is known for its seven lakes that define the beauty of this region. She is the oldest daughter of Domingo Lollobridga de Souza a lawyer and politician and Idea Francisca Batista de Souza a teacher. Dr. Batista grew up in a large family with seven brothers and sisters. 

Her life has always been immersed in spirituality where joy and freedom is in abundance. This background is evident in her work today, reflected by an equilibrium and balance taught through important values from birth. In this the recognition of Mother Earth and Father Sky guided and presented the importance of liberty, freedom of speech and respect for fellow man. She also lives by the parodies of biblical context believing that faith without passion is flawed. To achieve this she has always realized that education was the key to understanding life’s rich tapestry. In that regard she worked as a teacher before moving into the medical field.

She married at an early age bringing up four children during which she continued to study at medical college. Her eldest daughter was born immediately following her graduation party during which she had danced for many hours in celebration. Dr. Adelia Maria Batista has now been a medical doctor for some eighteen years. Her four children Iara, Ulisses, Thais and Ana Carolina remain by her side since her divorce and have become her mainstay in life. She is a humanitarian and has worked endlessly towards honoring the goals of that position. Since a young age she has been involved with many charities and organizations including rotary for teenagers, youth church groups, the Saint Vincent charity, meditation groups, musical and dancing teams and theological studies. Her love of music led her to learn the guitar and sing from an early age. This activity directed her life towards the creation of bridges between people who shared her pastimes. During this time she also learnt five languages realizing the importance of communication in a global marketplace. All these emerging lessons brought a sense of advocacy towards justice, peace and sustainability in a world where suppression and addictions are clearly evident.

What is a Leadership Program?

The study of leadership can be traced back to Plato, Sun Tzu and Machiavelli; however, leadership has only become the focus of contemporary academic studies in the last 60 years, and particularly more so in the last two decades. In the case of the Leadership program developed by the Project Bridges, Life Connections, the original Idea of which by David William Gibbons was to develop a program that could offer Haitian common people, (not just academics) an understanding about their country and working together towards understanding their own necessities and goals. The ideas came close to one hunger of organization of minds and communities and so, we developed not simply a program that they will study, but developed a basic idea of Leadership Program in which they will create themselves. All classes, selected individuals, venue and times including the adaptation of the program will be completed and organized by the Haitian people themselves. The Leadership Program “Bridges Life Connection” will be currently the only program in the entire world where one NetWork – where many people who may not yet know each other personally – are donating their time, art, efforts and actions in respecting the identity, history and dignity of Haiti and its people. This leadership program, and each course module will be under the supervision of AJEPTOCH – Cayes for a period of two years. At the end of this period the course  leaders will be able to evaluate the actions and success of their community. Let’s go and work there in June, 18 to 22 – 2012. We hope that this Pilot Plan can develop and grow in all the  Haitian communities and perhaps even in many communities around the world. Now you may ask “which large foundation, which political class or who is making the financial help for all this to become a reality?” We can respond: “All networks involved are giving of themselves whole-heartedly. The goal is that one day, Bridges Life Connections will pay for its own project. However, for now, everyone including Haitian people are donating and expending their own money.(No one of us is a millionaire) This means that you can take action. Make the difference and help others and above all yourself to dream your new world!

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