Sunday Omnibus June 17, 2012 “EnergeticXChange”

Listen to Program. Sunday Omnibus June 17, 2012. “EnergeticXChange” Guest: Custodian George Kaponay

EnergeticXChange is neither a new barter system nor an alternative way to measure value. EnergeticXChange is a new model of exchange-dynamics that goes beyond the financial-driven values that current economic systems have imposed. It works in the knowledge that all needs are valid and are equal in value, given that all offers will find their corresponding needs, irrespective of their ‘perceived value’. It is the understanding that the real value is in the human connection and the role it plays in bringing the world together as one. EnergeticXChange is a globally based community project, offered in service for all toward co-creating a better world. It is not for profit, is non commercial, and seeks the assistance and participation of all people, in whatever capacity they are capable to give and receive. Through the dynamics of freely giving and receiving we can come to understand that these two energies carry one and the same frequency. To give is to truly receive.

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