June 11, 2012 Author Susan Liberty Hall “Scented Adventures of the Bouquet Sisters in Fairyland”

Listen to Program. June 11, 2012 Author Susan Liberty Hall. Susan Liberty Hall loves All Divine Creation. She is a patriot who also loves America and believes that our country is a God-Inspired Democracy that must be preserved and protected as such. Through devotion to her own spiritual growth, good deeds and prayer, Susan has touched the lives of countless numbers of people, helping them improve their health and their emotional and spiritual well-being. Susan was born in Los Angeles, California on May 28, 1945. When she was only three months old, her family relocated to Kemmerer, Wyoming, a small coal mining town in the southwestern corner of the state. Susan, her three brothers and parents moved into a condemned building in “Drunkard’s Alley” in the center of town above her father’s plumbing shop. Susan’s bed was the couch in the front room and her clothes closet was a toy chest. At age seven, she became a working member of the household, selling “chances to win” one of her mother Jessie’s crocheted pillowcases. She also went from house to house selling greeting cards and children’s records. At age nine, Susan started working in her father’s plumbing shop on Saturdays. It was a very difficult life. From the time she was a little girl, Susan always loved nature—trees, grass and flowers—and she tried desperately to make something, anything grow in Drunkard’s Alley. She was always bringing home stray animals, caring for them and giving them the love that she craved herself. Although Susan’s education ended with high school graduation, she has always been an avid student of life, eagerly learning from a vast number of experiences worthy of several advanced degrees from the world’s most esteemed educational institutions. Susan is a person of wisdom, discernment, keen perception and above all, a listener and a doer. She has learned to “walk her talk,” and understands how critically important it is that we act now to provide a safe environment for future generations. As a grandmother, Susan considers herself “ordinary,” but any observer would contest this. She is nothing short of an angel in human embodiment. The goal of the book is to provide simple solutions for complex problems. Some of Susan’s solutions are: tithing, introducing our children to the many professions that can show them how to live in harmony with nature, and teaching them how to implement the basic rules of health. It is Susan’s prayer that as both children and adults read and speak the prayers and Holy Words of this book, miracles will happen. Writes Susan: “If I can inspire or encourage just one child, then my work will have counted.”

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