February 9, 2012 A Retrospective Program Pioneer & Director of Photography Vince Pace

February 9, 2012 A Retrospective Program Pioneer & Director of Photography Vince Pace.

At age 10, Vince Pace developed his passion for photography and cinematography. It was then that he watched his father build underwater housings for the feature film, The Deep, and learned how to build an underwater still camera housing. Vince’s early interest in the dual artistic and technical challenges of cinematography combined with his family’s technical background became the perfect combination to pave the way for a future career in the motion picture business.

Fascinated by cinematographers who were taking pictures in a world very few people got to explore, Vince Pace wanted to learn from the best. Working side by side with the acclaimed underwater cinematographer, Al Giddings, Vince learned the art of cinematography and earned his stripes in the underwater world. From the late 70’s through the late 90’s, Vince built underwater housings for feature films: The Deep, The Abyss, For Your Eyes Only and Titanic. He was instrumental in the pre-production design and manufacturing of the underwater lighting system for the feature film, The Abyss, which received Technical Academy Award. In the 1990’s Vince Pace incorporated PACE Technologies and built an industry leader in underwater cinematography specializing in the design, manufacturing and rental of professional imaging equipment for major motion pictures, television productions, commercial productions, special venues and theme park installations worldwide. Servicing award winning productions like The Abyss, Titanic and The Blue Planet Series, as well as Theme Park installations such as Tokyo Disney Sea, African Safari, and Epcot Center, many of Pace Technologies innovations are used worldwide to service challenging environments.

With a full team of creative and technical staff, he also introduced the line of proprietary WetSet™ equipment, designed to withstand the rigors of the wet environment. At its height, PACE Technologies serviced the “Titanic” and had an in-house inventory of over sixty underwater housings and fifteen hundred underwater lights. Since the very first Sony HDCam arrived in the US in 1998, PACE Technologies’ video housings logged more underwater HDTV hours than any other housing within the industry. From 720P and 1080i to 4:4:4 1080P, no one has understood HDTV better than PACE has.

In the early 2000’s, with his business well established in the underwater industry, Vince Pace started a new venture with a corporate name of Waterdance Inc dba PACE. The intent was to target the “dry” world with the same eye towards innovation in the imaging market. Almost instantly, with the move to Southern California, Vince Pace was introduced to Jim Cameron’s desire to build a Holy Grail camera, capable of 2D and 3D simultaneous shooting. On a shake of hands, Vince and Jim embarked on a venture to build a 3D camera system that would enhance the creative artist’s ability to tell a story and shoot 3D as easily and transparently to production as a 2D camera. It was then that the world of PACE Technologies was left behind and PACE’s revolution in entertainment began. Ironically, the shift out of the underwater world made Vince Pace come face to face with challenges in the world he left behind as James Cameron sought to use the water domain as the ultimate test of the equipment. In a twist of fate, as Vince Pace moved towards the 3D world he realized some of his long sought after underwater goals. Only now these goals were realized in large format underwater 3D films. Having only watched trips to Titanic happen before, Vince Pace became the occupant of the sub three mile under the surface of the ocean bringing back images no one had ever accomplished before. Working closely with Academy Award-winning Director, James Cameron and the world’s foremost historic and marine experts, Vince served as Director of Photography for the large format film, Ghosts of the Abyss in IMAX 3D. Next, working closely with Academy Award-winning Director, James Cameron, NASA Scientists and Marine Biologists, Vince served as Director of Photography for the large format film, Aliens of the Deep in IMAX 3D. Vince visited several hydrothermal vent sites in the Atlantic and the Pacific and captured images of the strange and alien-like creatures that live in the most extreme and unknown environments in the world. After these successful first outings, the revolution of entertainment had just begun and between Pace and Cameron, every notable 3D benchmark since 2001 has involved technology designed with the PACE team.

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