Sunday Omnibus February 12 World Traveler, Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Inventor & Researcher

Sunday Omnibus February 12 Allen Adkins World Traveler, Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Inventor & Researcher.

After growing up in suburban Dallas and Houston, Texas Allen embarked on a wide array of life experiences from traveling the world as a merchant marine engineer and moving to Hawaii where he began a life-long interest in meditation and health and healing practices to starting high-tech companies in Silicon Valley and becoming a pioneer in the CD-ROM technology – developing among the very first CD-ROM applications and pioneering the first PC based CD-ROM recording systems. Widely traveled to 50 countries with extensive travel to Japan and Europe. While in a journey to India to deliver recording equipment to the Dalia Lama, Allen went to Kathmandu, Nepal to study Sanskrit and Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Manna Vajra who had carried on this practice in his family lineage for 1,000 years.

This and subsequent early work with raw and living foods in the mid 1970’s was to form a life long focus and passion for understanding the intricacies of our human life and health secrets. After moving from Hawaii to California in 1979, Allen took a turn toward high technology at a critical time in the burgeoning Silicon Valley era from the mid 1980’s to the mid 1990’s.

Allen started Optical Media International (OMI), based in Los Gatos, California in 1985 and developed the 3rd commercially available CD-ROM product in the world and went on to pioneer and innovate several key areas of CD-ROM systems and software much of which is the basis for how CD-ROMs are recorded on PCs today. Link related to History of Compact Disc:

Just prior to and after selling OMI in 1995 to a public company, Allen reconnected with his life-long interest in spirituality, meditation and with his Passion for Health and Healing.

After moving to Maui in 1999 Allen then focused on several innovative health and healing products, some based on the special tropical Mangosteen fruit powder exclusively developed by him after in-depth research and product testing. This period also represented beginning work in the area of optimally structured water as a future key component of the medicine of the future.

In addition to recently developing a revolutionary technology for significantly improving carbon based fuel combustion efficiency and reducing exhaust pollution, Allen has most recently become involved with what could well be one of the most important health breakthroughs in modern time – Ancestral Human Strain ProBiotics. Allen is launching a website to make available information about this unprecedented advancement in human health.

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