January 22, 2012 Crossing over the Bridge (Thirty-Second in Series) In Discussion with Eric Herm ” Life & Works – Son of a Farmer Child of the Earth”

January 22, 2012 SUNDAY OMNIBUS Crossing over the Bridge (Thirty-Second in Series) In Discussion with Eric Herm ” Life & Works –  Son of a Farmer Child of the Earth” Eric Herm was raised on a cotton farm near Ackerly, Texas. Leaving the farm to pursue other interests, he graduated from Abilene Christian University with a degree in broadcast journalism. After working in sports television broadcasting, Herm soon chose the life of a vagabond. He lived and worked in Colorado and Alaska, writing about his own personal adventures along life’s highway. Traveling extensively through America, Mexico, Europe and Northern Africa, he witnessed various lifestyles, personalities, and cultures. Throughout his travels, these experiences helped open his mind to the endless possibilities of living life to the fullest. Satisfying his restless spirit, Herm returned back to the land that has been in his family for almost 90 years. He started his life as a farmer all over again. As a naturalist, he continues to seek a more balanced relationship between his family’s farm and Mother Nature, and details the transformation of himself and his family farm in his new book Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth.

  1. As I listened to this thought-provoking discussion, I began questioning myself about how such monumental and critical issues that affect every human and animal living on this planet are not BREAKING NEWS headlines in every media source available. Thank you for examining these topics and shedding light on the blatant disregard for health and quality of life that megacorporations and governments are covertly weaving into the fabric of our existence. Information is power. I hope millions of people become aware of what is happening and raise up to demand changes in labelling and the ethical implications of genetically modified organisms. Bravo!

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