September 26, 2011 Judge Mary Ann Gunn

Link to program. September 26, 2011 Judge Mary Ann Gunn ‘Last Shot with Judge Gunn. JUDGE MARY ANN GUNN doesn’t know how many lives she’s saved but is satisfied if it’s just one. In reality, one thousand is more like it.

For 13 years the dynamic Mary Ann has presided over Arkansas’ Washington County Drug Court with the greatest success story in the nation. Giving up her time one day every week during that period she has seen 86 percent of her participants graduate the program. Of those, 92 percent have remained drug free.

Currently over 2,500 Drug Courts in America provide an alternative to prison for first-time and non-violent offenders who commit drug related crimes. The programs not only save lives and return addicts to their families and society, they save a huge amount in taxpayer dollars.

In June 2011 Judge Gunn retired from the bench to bring her “court of miracles” to a national television audience. “Last Shot With Judge Gunn” will premiere September 26.

This TV show is certain to inspire students to stay clear of substance abuse and to help people who are suffering with addictions remain strong through their recovery.

Mary Ann Gunn is not your average judge – or average woman. She was the first ever female auto mechanic at Sears, she rides a Harley Davidson and drives a tractor and she knits. As a single mother she proudly raised her daughter Sara Christian, 29, also an attorney.

A resident of Fayetteville, Mary Ann was Circuit Court Judge for the Fourth Division of District Four in Washington and Madison Counties for 13 years. When she reluctantly agreed to take over Drug Court – “I was one of those people who believed if you do the crime you do the time” — she was hooked after just five cases. Today the Drug Court program is her life’s passion. Her TV recovery program is now privatized and modeled on her drug court that has saved so many lives. Before being elected to the bench in 1998 Judge Gunn conducted a private law practice in Fayetteville for 17 years, focusing mainly on domestic relations.
Mary Ann is the recipient of numerous awards for her work in legal practice and on the bench. She has been honored by the US House of Representatives, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and the Girl Scouts of America, among many others. Her professional affiliations include the Arkansas Bar Association, the Washington County Bar Association and the St. Thomas More Society of Arkansas. Judge Gunn received a JD Degree from University of Arkansas School of Law, Fayetteville. Also a Bachelor of Arts Degree in American History from UA.

    • Rev. Julie Smith
    • May 21st, 2012

    How do you contact this drug court for a young man who is in the Dallas jail at present to help him rehab and avoid prison time? I am his fiancee’s former pastor and soon to be his spiritual advisor. This is the best drug program I’ve seen, it analyzes and cares for every facet of the person’s life.

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