Jamie Norwood – Dig U.S. Out ‘Economic Recovery by the People’

August 19, 2011 Founder Jamie Norwood. Jamie Norwood is the owner and founder of the website digusout.com. Dig U.S. Out is quickly becoming America’s premier online search engine to find American-made products and support local American jobs. Driven by the motto of “Economic Recovery By The People,” Ms. Norwood founded digusout.com after a personal quest to support American businesses and jobs through purchasing Made in USA products proved quite difficult. She hopes that consumers see digusout.com as a community where they can go and easily find and support American products, businesses, and bring more jobs back to the USA.
On June 26, 2011 digusout.com was featured in a story on Fox News and the feature has since been aired on local news stations across the USA. This exposure has led to an increased national presence of digusout.com. There are currently over 500 American companies registered on Dig U.S. Out and Ms. Norwood hopes to see this number continue to grow. In addition to the search directory Dig U.S. Out also has a blog where Ms. Norwood gives her personal review and commentary on different American companies and their products. She also uses the blog to keep viewers abreast on the current state of the US economy and how we the people can join together to create some common sense solutions.
Ms. Norwood also works as a Lecturer at California State University, Stanislaus and teaches a variety of college writing courses. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA and a Master of Arts from California State University, Stanislaus in Turlock, CA.
In addition to all of this, Ms. Norwood is a founding owner of Amalia’s Cocina, Inc. which is a small, family business that manufactures all natural Mexican sauces from 100 year old family recipes. There are three generations of Ms. Norwood’s family represented in the business; she represents the third generation. Amalia’s Cocina Mexican sauces are currently sold across the West Coast of the United States and in select Dean & Deluca stores across the nation.
Ms. Norwood is a native of the Central Valley of California and enjoys the simplicity of living in a small American town.

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