May 19, 2011 Guest: Peter Shiao CEO & Founder of Ironpond – President of the Shaolin Association of North America

May 19, 2011: Guest Guest: Peter Shiao CEO & Founder of Ironpond – President of the Shaolin Association of North America.

Shaolin Temple is situated in the Songshan Mountain ranges of Dengfeng City, in Henan Provence, China, said to be “heartland” of China where much of Chinese civilization originated. Shaolin Temple was established in 495A.D. during the Northern Wei dynasty by its then emperor to accommodate the Indian master Buddhabhadra. Later, another Indian monk Bodhidharma arrived at Shaolin Temple, who was said to have crossed the Yangtze River on a reed. Bodhidharma spent nine years meditating in a cave of the Wuru Peak just behind the Temple, and initiated the Chinese Chan tradition at Shaolin Temple. Thereafter, Bodhidharma was honored as the first Patriarch of Chan Buddhism, now known to parts of the world as Zen. Legend also had it that Bodhidharma found monks weak and unhealthy after long meditation practices, so he developed movement to strengthen them, which formed the basis of ShaolinKungfu. Shaolin Kung Fu later evolved into over 700 forms of martial arts, and became the cradle of much of the martial arts practiced in the world today. In the 1500 years since its founding, Shaolin has endured wars, famines, invasions, revolutions, and also presided over times of great peace and prosperity. Its large cannon of stories, practices, culture, personalities and historical data is the stuff of legend, and has inspired countless adaptations in traditional and popular culture around the world.

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