April 15, 2011 Guest Jeddah Mali ‘Changing the Paradigm of the Planet’

Listen/view program. April 15, 2011 Guest Jeddah Mali – We all want to live life to the fullest, find happiness, be in rewarding relationships, understand others well, respond to them with patience and compassion, have a sense of connectedness and belonging, laugh with unbridled joy, feel safe and secure, feel a sense of purpose, contribute positively to our world and feel good about who we are.

But do we consistently think, feel and act in a way that brings these things into our lives? In my own journey to freedom, I discovered that it is only when I fully aligned with Universal Energy that the Universe revealed these secrets. It is operating from sincere belief in ourselves as the Divine Source that reveals to us our never-lost freedom. The extent to which we deny or reject this belief shows up as struggle. It is the paradigm from which we operate that shapes our lives and determines whether we are on course with our life purpose.

The vibrational frequency of the Earth is reaching a quantum point. The increasingly available light on the planet now means that more and more people are able to transform their thinking and realign their intentions towards individual and collective health, happiness and harmony. I work as an envoy for a group of advanced spiritual masters who oversee our planet’s evolution. Through myself, and others, they are bringing forth teachings on how to align yourself directly with this Source.

We select several people each year to mentor in depth in our Group Mentoring Programme as well as providing Retreats, Teleseminar courses and the Changing the Paradigm CD Series. Generally, they are people who have reached a preliminary understanding by themselves and are ready to proceed further, but need expert assistance to break through the glass ceiling that tends to form to reach more advanced understanding. As a spiritual teacher, I follow no creed, no text, no doctrine, no philosophy and no book. I align with Source energy and all teachings come from that place.

This work is most suited to people who are ready for the next step; that of moving away from commonly accepted thinking into a much more expansive view of Life. One that will shift their entire paradigm to a new level. It is important to emphasize that this transformation can only occur through direct experience. It is of little use to read about it, talk about it or even have a thorough intellectual understanding of it. Only sincere practice yields results. For this reason, much of the detailed instruction we offer takes place in a meditative state, when the mind is in an alpha pattern. This enhances perception, understanding and integration.

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