April 14, 2011 Guest Dr. Adelia Maria Batista

April 14, 2011 Guest Dr. Adelia Maria Batista Dr. Adelia Maria Batista was born Adelia Maria Batista de Souza in the state of Minas Gerais Brazil during the spring of 1963. The beautiful town of Sete Lagoas is known for its seven lakes that define the beauty of this region. She is the eldest daughter of Domingo Lollobridga de Souza a lawyer and politician and Leda Francisca Batista de Souza a teacher. Dr. Batista grew up in a large family with seven brothers and sisters.
Her life has always been immersed in spirituality where joy and freedom is in abundance. This background is evident in her work today, reflected by an equilibrium and balance taught through important values from birth. In this the recognition of Mother Earth and Father Sky guided and presented the importance of liberty, freedom of speech and respect for fellow man. She also lives by the parodies of biblical context believing that faith without passion is flawed. To achieve this she has always realized that education was the key to understanding life’s rich tapestry. In that regard she worked as a teacher before moving into the medical field.
She married at an early age bringing up four children during which she continued to study at medical college. Her eldest daughter was born immediately following her graduation party during which she had danced for many hours in celebration.
Dr. Adelia Maria Batista has now been a medical doctor for some eighteen years. Her four children Lara, Ulisses, Thais and Ana Carolina remain by her side since her divorce and have become her mainstay in life.
She is a humanitarian and has worked endlessly towards honoring the goals of that position. Since a young age she has been involved with many charities and organizations including rotary for teenagers, youth church groups, the Saint Vincent charity, meditation groups, musical and dancing teams and theological studies. Her love of music led her to learn the guitar and sing from an early age. This activity directed her life towards the creation of bridges between people who shared her pastimes. During this time she also learnt five languages realizing the importance of communication in a global marketplace. All these emerging lessons brought a sense of advocacy towards justice, peace and sustainability in a world where suppression and addictions are clearly evident.
Also during this journey she realized the importance of sexual education and subsequently became a sexologist working passionately in a challenging field of medicine. As this work expanded she became acutely aware of the hypocrisy in an area of life where people close their eyes to basic and essential truths. She successfully developed a program in adult sexual education called K.I.S.S. – M.E. © The resulting projects involved involvement in the field of sexually transmitted diseases, where she worked with HIV patients for ten years. She finally became state coordinator in the Brazilian HIV-AIDS program. She moved eventually into the non-governmental organization arena engaged in the same pursuits, including focus on sexual diversity where she remains to this day. As part of this NGO work in the humanitarian field she realized the out of date principles evident in a system serving global crises. To expand her own capabilities she looked at courses dedicated to further education in pursuance of this work. Medic Force in New York deemed to meet those needs, but as of yet she has not had the opportunity to put them into practice.
In 2010 she worked in Haiti following a deadly natural disaster that left many people suffering from Cholera among many other epidemic diseases. The organization Doctors without borders invited her to tour as a voluntary MD which was to immediately become an honor and profound opportunity.
Dr. Adelia Maria Batista came away from the experience realizing that Haiti as with so many countries finding themselves in the same circumstances, does not seek charity. They instead require support and subsidies in the form of tools and mentors towards basic facilities in health care, education and nutrition.
The idea and creation of the book “Bridges: Life’s Connections” was birthed during her time in a country she came to love. It is to associations in Haiti one of which was introduced by fellow Dr. Jhon Douyon, that she has devoted this book to and hopes that the sales support their causes. After a life’s yearning in finding the idea of developing bridges between people and places she has now met the dream.
The projects has been adopted by many friends made over the internet and they themselves have reached out in becoming contributors and friends. She receives photographs of bridges from many people who share her love for places full of memories and solidarity. Among them the well-known advocate for peace and justice Patch Adams has reached out to support the book.
Most recently she asked writer, humanitarian and broadcaster David William Gibbons to co-author the book. He accepted believing in a project that illustrates parity with his own programming ‘Crossing over the Bridge.’
Her passion to write has now come to fruition following many years of encouragement by Jamaican writer Leroy Heggin. This journey and point at which she now finds herself, brings alive the means by which a dream can become a reality. By connecting with a world of contacts she has found the solution to telling her truth and faith in humanity.
From the emergency rooms in Brazil, work as consultant in the STD-AIDS area to her private surgery schedule, she passionately continues the dreams and visions held for a lifetime. She believes passionately in free speech and continues to prove the impulsive and rebellious character that has defined her life’s journey. In her private time away from work, she enjoys the writings and work of people like Patch Adams, Elton John and Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Saint Francis of Assisi is a hero since childhood. Even her own cook Ana Lucia has taught her immeasurable lessons in the way in which all people from all walks of life can become teachers in their own right and a bridge to other souls.
Dr. Adelia Maria Batista is a devoted professional, loving parent and advocate for fairness and justice; attributes that she hope to emerge from her book “Bridges: Life’s Connections” launching in the Spring of 2011.

  1. Hi Adelia, Gary Brown here the author of the Ultimate Conspiracy Guide. I know that David is collaborating on your book and he has also agreed to write a Foreword to mine. This man is going to be an inspiration to a new generation. I see that your book is called Bridges: Life’s Connections and that you are interested in people giving you their favourite bridge picture. To be honest I haven’t got a favourite bridge, not to look at anyway. A picture of my favourite bridge would have to be a mental one. A picture where humanity would be led/guided by great visionaries, brave pioneers not afraid to speak their truth across this bridge. They would be led from a land of low vibrancy, where life was considered quite lifeless because of the resonance of the energy systems and way of life that we had created to a new one full of new opportunities, light, laughter, enjoyment and more in harmony with nature both outside and inside ourselves.This bridge woud have to be strong to carry the burden of negativity that we humans have delusionally created for ourselves, but once across we wouldn’t need it again. There would be no going back. I think people should paint their own version of this bridge in their minds, but the symbolism of the bridge is so important for many reasons which I haven’t time to go into here, and should be put at the forefront of this ongoing new consciousness that is evolving. globally.

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