May 31 & June 1, 2012 – Movement of People ‘Strategies for Safety & Security at the Mexico/United States Border’ Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pinal County, Arizona, USA)

Listen/view program.

babeuOctober 24 Interview with Sheriff Paul Babeu started his law enforcement career as a Police Officer for the City of Chandler in the State of Arizona. He graduated from the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy ranked as the first overall placed police recruit and was voted by his fellow officers as the class exemplary officer. He was awarded two Life Saving Medals in the performance of his duties as a Patrolman and served as the Police Union President for the Chandler Police Department. Sheriff Babeu also served on the board of directors for the Arizona Police Association.

In 2008 he won his first term as Sheriff of Pinal County in a landslide election victory over the incumbent Sheriff. He subsequently earned statewide and national attention with his outspoken stances against photo-enforcement cameras and illegal immigration. He is also Arizona’s youngest Sheriff and leads the third largest Sheriff’s Office in the state with 700 full-time employees.

In 2009, Sheriff Paul Babeu fully reorganized the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office by replacing the entire command leadership and has since implemented strict employee standards, improved training, reduced emergency response times nearly in half, and has aggressively sought and been awarded nearly $7 million in grants. He also offers accountability and professionalism in law enforcement within the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.
 During this past year, Sheriff Babeu has retired from the Arizona Army National Guard. During his tenure he served a tour in Iraq and spent 16 months deployed in Arizona as a Commander with Operation Jump Start (OJS), Southwest Border Mission. Sheriff Babeu served 20 years in the Army National Guard, where he began service as an enlisted Private/E-2 and ended it as an Officer with the rank of Major.

Sheriff Babeu’s education includes an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement, Bachelor Degree in History/Political Science, and a Master of Public Administration, Suma Cum Laude. He is a also recognized as a member of numerous military, civic, and business groups.

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