In Discussion January 17 & 18, 2011 Guest Frank Loy

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frankloyFrank Loy has served in the Department of State in three administrations. He served as Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs in the second administration of President Clinton. His portfolio included developing U.S. international policy and conducting negotiations in the fields of the environment and climate change, human rights, the promotion of democracy, refugees and humanitarian affairs, and counter-narcotics.

Under President Carter he was Director of the Bureau of Refugee Programs, with the personal rank of Ambassador, and in the Johnson Administration he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Affairs.

During 2007 and 2008 he served on the Obama Campaign as a co-leader of the Energy and Environment team, and a member of the National Finance Committee.

He spent some 10 years in the business sector, first as Senior Vice President of Pan American Airways, responsible for securing for Pan Am from both foreign governments and the U.S. the operating rights for its airline and hotel operations. He also directed Pan Am’s extensive technical assistance programs. Subsequently he became a founding partner of the firm that brought the bankrupt Penn Central Transportation Company out of bankruptcy, and then became president of the NY Stock Exchange-listed company that emerged from that bankruptcy.

From 1981 to 1995 he served as president of The German Marshall Fund of the U.S., an American foundation focused on US/European political, economic and environmental relations. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, GMF focused the majority of its efforts on promoting democratic institutions (an independent press, a functioning legislature, effective political parties, a civil society of non-governmental institutions, etc.) in former Soviet-bloc Eastern European countries.

Over the years he has served on numerous corporate boards (including Madison Square Garden, Pharmaceutical Product Development, Applied Bioscience, Buckeye Pipeline). He has chaired many boards of not-for-profit organizations, including Goddard College, The League of Conservation Voters (of which, for one year, he served as president), and, during 2003-2004, Environment2004, a “Section 527” political organization that sought to elect the Democratic candidate for the presidency of the U.S. He also taught a course in Environmental Law and Policy at the Yale Law School and Forestry School.

At present he serves on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations. In the field of the environment these include Resources for the Future (former chair), Environmental Defense Fund (former chair), The Nature Conservancy, The Pew Center for Global Climate Change, and ecoAmerica. In addition, he chairs the boards of Population Services International and the Arthur Burns Fellowship Program, and serves on the boards of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies and The Washington Ballet.

He is a graduate of UCLA and the Harvard Law School, lives in Washington with his wife, Dale, a painter, and has two children and four grandchildren.

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