November 3 & 4, 2010 – Guest: Geoff Puckett “Dream & Imagination for a New World Dimension in the Public Arena”

Listen/view program. November 3 & 4, 2010 – Originally from San Diego, CA, Geoff Puckett grew up as the Space Age launched and colorful 1960’s music, hippies and counter-culture rocked. The son of a pragmatic attorney father and English teacher mother, he showed signs of dimensional creativity at the age of 3, later developing entrepreneurial entertainment aspirations against his father’s wishes. Largely self-taught, Geoff admits his passion emanated from “somewhere beyond”, equating it to where a composer finds music. “My life path has generally been a fun, timeless, an adventure of discovery”. In 1968 Geoff discovered Disneyland, unquestionably deciding he would someday become an ‘Imagineer’ – a uniquely skilled creative/technical designer able to conjure and construct physical story experiences. Twenty years to the month his childhood dream became reality – he believes because he saw himself there while playing, experimenting, and building miniature Disney attractions through adolescence and early adulthood as if they were real. With a professional start in 1977 designing and hand making a laser special effect system for a touring Ice Capades show, Geoff became mesmerized with lighting, projection, music and the resulting psychology of influencing theatrical audiences. His career blossomed as theatrical laser light shows became the rage in the early 1980’s while twisting knobs to elated, sometimes cheering crowds. He traveled to Asia, Canada and Europe producing story-enhancing visual effects for Coca-Cola, IBM, Ford, and Motorola. From 1988 to 1997 Geoff created special effects, show sequences, and interactive displays at Walt Disney Imagineering – integrating cutting edge technologies within dozens of Disney theme park attractions in Orlando, Tokyo, and most memorably Paris, France – where he lived for nearly four years contributing to the EuroDisneyland park. To complete his Imagineering chapter Geoff collaborated with renowned stage director Julie Taymor, designing projections for Broadway’s Tony-award winning ‘Lion King’. Forging out on his own Geoff founded EffectDesign, Inc. in 1998, a Bay Area design firm specializing in experiential storytelling. Geoff believes not only in dreams but in the process of bringing them into reality, so he surrounds himself with hand-selected theatrical and motion picture industry experts. During the first years of his new organization he wrote and creatively produced New York City’s 24-hour long ‘Times Square 2000’ millennium celebration. Today, as EffectDesign’s CEO Geoff leads a diverse group of computer artists, illustrators, technical engineers, and show designers – while developing digital 3D stereoscopic techniques applied to live theatrical performance. Think ‘Avatar’ meets traditional opera. Across the past decade Geoff has conceived and produced experiences for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Seattle Science Fiction Museum, Washington DC’s Smithsonian Institution, Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute, along with Walt Disney’s daughter Diane Disney-Miller and the recently opened Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. An avid hiker, drummer, organic chef, writer, poet, and global music collector, Geoff spends much of his time in San Rafael, CA. He attended San Diego State University (Dramatic Arts) and the Art Center College of Design (Environmental Design) in Pasadena, CA

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