October 27 2010 – “Turning the Wheel”

Listen/view program page. October 27 at 3.00pm Pacific – Turning the Wheel accomplishes major miracles in large part because of the talent and inspiration of its founder and executive/artistic director, Alana Shaw. An inspiring and empowering facilitator, she has over 30 years experience teaching in 25 cities in the US and Canada. She holds an MFA is Dance from the University of Colorado with a thesis on healing and reintegration through creative expression, and is the author of “Dancing Our Way Home,” a 342 page manual of exercises, stories and wisdom. She is also a certified Hendricks Body/Mind Vibrance Coach.

“Everything we do in Turning the Wheel is an attempt to come back into relationship with our interdependence as human beings, and with the need for love, not power, to form the basis for how we live on the earth. We are passionately committed to building and sustaining transformative communities that are inclusive of all people, and that reach for and model unconditional love and acceptance as the norm.” Alana Shaw

“As a director, Alana has proven to me over and over that she has the discipline, perseverance, and physical stamina necessary for evolving and managing an organization on this scale. Her attention to careful planning and consideration, detailed management of every facet of their operation, from fund-raising to housing out-of-town collaborators, to personal notes and flowers for every participant, is exactly what it takes to enable a vision of this nature to thrive and take root.” Mike Vargas, Composer, Musician and Instructor.


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