Guest Designer Mathilide Rosset – LadyMuse

Listen/view program. Original Broadcast October 7, 2010.


n704071448_1902235_4037Designer Mathilide Rosset – The goal of French-born visionary mystic, performer and designer Mathilde Rosset is to be of service with her creativity and empower her sisters to dare express their uniqueness, to feel it and be their most beautiful selves from inside out. She is longing to help women free themselves from the pressure dictated by the media. By offering a feminine fashion with statements, her aim is to inspire them to journey within and reconnect with their inner world, their wisdom, their beauty and Mother Mature. LadyMuse’s desire is to go beyond trend and bypass the seasonally imposed routines of this market by offering a selection of styles that will inspire women to define who they are not based on what they are supposed to be or by how much they consume but rather based on what empower them to feel and look good. Thus using fashion as a medium to inspire them to make conscious choices for themselves and awaken to the greater reality of who they are. The visual and poetic aspect of LadyMuse is as important and present as the garments themselves. Each garment comes with a story, a poetic impulsion inspired by the Feminine, a vibrant call to true self.

1-despo-flyer-blue-frame-1The fabrics LadyMuse uses are either already produced, recycled, rescued, or organic and sustainable. Low impact dyes are used when needed, the silk screen process is water based and all of the company’s printing needs are fulfiled with recycled or tree free paper and soy ink. Everything is produced in downtown Los Angeles in a sweatshop free environment with fair trade values. LadyMuse is striving to do her best to contribute to the healing of Mother Earth and uplift her children’s consciousness.

    • Susanne Swanson-Bernard
    • October 6th, 2010

    This is wonderful David. I’m talking about the fashion of Guest Designer Mathilide Rosset – LadyMuse. I’ve always been a bit of a tom-boy, but also at times… a girly girl, a crusader who loves Joan of Arc and Frida Kahlo, a barefoot girl with torn blue jeans and pearls.

    The stories I’d like to tell, about the horses, my girls, the wind in the leaves, past travels and child-hood adventures. Turquoise waters and new discoveries. It often reflects in my art, my clothes, very equestrian, with tall leather boots and breeches. No stilettos please…

    What a wonderful program and a most unique designer!!!
    Thanks as always David!

    Susanne (208) 853-0794

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