July 12, 2010 Phil Jones “The Presidential Inner Circle”

7622_1261376178604_1355682960_753238_2425737_nListen/view program. Phil Jones is known as “The Connector” because he is one of the country’s best Professional Powerbrokers of deals, money and relationships. He leverages his vast field of influence and extensive contact base to bring a range of serious players together to get exceptional deals completed and outcomes banked for his clients that few others are able to achieve. If you have a problem or a roadblock, Phil has the solution! However his time is carefully guarded so he exclusively works with Members of the Presidential Inner Circle. Membership starts from $2,000 per year. The Presidential Inner Circle is a private gateway to a Network of affluence, influence and power that offers unique experiences, access, connections and support to its members so they prosper and live more meaningful lives. Phil is also an accomplished and respected International Business Entrepreneur who has operated successful companies in six countries. He has created and built five number one brands from scratch and in 2001 was Rated Entrepreneur of the Year by the world’s number one business coaching organization. His companies have completed over one billion dollars in real estate purchases and he is a Bestselling Author who has written seven books. Phil has also been extensively profiled in the books Secrets of Inspiring Leaders, Secrets of Entrepreneurs under 40 and Secrets of Property Millionaires. A sought after public speaker who has taught over 100,000 people, Phil is considered a master of teaching business, marketing and real estate wealth accumulation and retention strategies.
Featured on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers, Phil has also received hundreds of letters from students that credit his expertise, advice and education with earning them hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was brought up in an average middle income home and quickly learned that hard work, passion a quality financial education and the right contacts can radically reap powerful lasting financial rewards. As President and Founder of the Presidential Inner Circle, Phil brings a knowledge and experience of business, marketing and entrepreneurship that is rare and invaluable. These attributes mixed with his comprehensive contact base provide you with access to a very powerful cocktail for success. We recommend you apply for Presidential Inner Circle membership today.


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