New Legacy Series – Re-Mastered Radio Streaming Broadcast: April 1, 2014 (Original Broadcast June 4, 2010) The BP Oil Disaster & Betrayal of Haiti’s People

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legacylogoNew Legacy Series – Re-Mastered Radio Streaming Broadcast: April 1, 2014 (Original Broadcast June 4, 2010) “The BP Oil Disaster & Betrayal of Haiti’s People” Panel: Dr. Jerry Schubel – Scientist and CEO Aquarium of the Pacific, Andy Levin – Photojournalist, Patrick J. O’Brien Former Journalist & News Reporter and Ezli Danto – Human Rights Attorney. This program examines the BP Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and Haiti’s position following the worst natural disaster in its history. The wider impacts and economic forces behind these events define a world consumed still by greed and ignorance of those that have perished during both incidents.

“The Gulf of Mexico Disaster” – The Deep Water Horizon MACADO 252 Disaster

BP-1The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also referred to as the BP oil spill, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill or the Macondo blowout) is a massive ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, now considered the largest offshore spill in U.S. history.Some estimates placed it by late May or early June as among the largest oil spills in the world with tens of millions of gallons spilled to date. The spill stems from a sea floor 10,000 foot deep oil gusher (MC252) that followed the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion. The explosion killed 11 platform workers and injured 17 others. The gusher, now estimated by the quasi-official Flow Rate Technical Group to be flowing at 20,000 to 40,000 barrels (840,000 to 1,700,000 US gallons; 3,200,000 to 6,400,000 litres) of crude oil per day, originates from a deepwater wellhead 5,000 feet (1,500 m) below the ocean surface. The exact spill flow rate is uncertain in part because BP has refused to allow independent scientists to perform accurate measurements and is a matter of ongoing debate. The resulting oil slick covers a surface area of at least 2,500 square miles (6,500 km2), with the exact size and location of the slick fluctuating from day to day depending on weather conditions.

dhpoScientists have also reported immense underwater plumes of oil not visible at the surface. Experts fear that the spill will result in an environmental disaster, with extensive impact already on marine and wildlife habitats. The spill has also damaged the Gulf of Mexico fishing and tourism industries. There have been a variety of ongoing efforts to stem the flow of oil at the wellhead. Crews have been working to protect hundreds of miles of beaches, wetlands and estuaries along the northern Gulf coast, using skimmer ships, floating containment booms, anchored barriers, and sand-filled barricades along shorelines. The U.S. Government has named BP as the responsible party in the incident, and officials have said the company will be held accountable for all cleanup costs resulting from the oil spill.

pat2Pat O’Brien had over 40 years of experience in radio/ TV news, advertising and marketing after gaining a B.S. degree from Ithaca College in Broadcast Communication Management. In the 1980’s he experienced such success with Burger King Corporation that his reputation led to being sought after by Wendy’s to consequently help develop the “Where’s the Beef” campaign in 1983. He also worked for two of the top three advertising agencies in Florida, managing 100’s of advertising account budgets. As a broadcast professional he worked in TV and radio news hosting many talk radio programs. He worked for Clear Channel Communications providing news to some 55 radio stations in Florida. During the last decade of his life he also worked diligently in the Indoor Air Quality & Surface Protection Industry. O’Brien made the decision to establish a company in fighting the “Cross-Contamination of Infectious Diseases” including MRSA, AIDS, E. coli, Salmonella, and over 100 viruses. This followed a fight for his life after contracting and surviving MRSA while in a Florida hospital; the result of a simple blood test. He formed AirTech Solutions 4u, Inc. a Sub-Chapter “S” 90% Disabled Vietnam Veteran Owned Florida Corporation in October of 2006. The firm became dedicated to helping reduce disease in Haiti by 85% after the devastating earthquake. It was during this period he discovered that donations promised to the people of Haiti were not being awarded to companies for the recovery effort. He also became suspicious that generous contributions and promises of government relief efforts were somehow being prevented from quickly aiding the recovery of that nation.

patfeaturedjan14-1At approximately the same time, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf occurred. Within a day after the disaster, one of his product vendors called him and said they had an environmentally-safe product that could solve the oil issue. In trying to introduce this product to the BP Corporation, he felt strongly that he was being stonewalled first by BP, and then by the Deepwater Horizon representatives. This led him on an investigative trail that uncovered the dispersant product BP had continued to use in the Gulf of Mexico. A very toxic product to humans and highly harmful to the delicate ecosystems of the Gulf. As the story continued to unravel around the plight of the Haitians, combined with the untold complexity surrounding the Gulf oil spill, unanswered questions slowly began to link many of the issues that the mainstream media was not exposing. As fortune would have it, he had the opportunity to work with David William Gibbons to further develop the story as a journalist. Since the disaster that robbed the souls of eleven in the Gulf of Mexico, he dedicated himself to finding answers and solutions to the BP spill. As he and his research team discovered and verified that the dispersant product being used by BP was a poison that had been banned for use in the UK since 1998. He felt an obligation to reveal their findings to the world by joining the David Gibbons “In Discussion” program later to become DG Networks.



    • The Destructionist
    • June 8th, 2010

    As the oil spill in the Gulf grows larger and more deadly, decimating all that it touches, BP continues to turn down assistance from Americans who just want to help clean up the mess. (…I hear they even turned down Director James Cameron and actor Kevin Costner…)

    First let’s get one thing perfectly straight: If you want to go and help clean up the oil spill, don’t let some corporate Big-Whigs “handle” you into believing that you’d be more of a liability, than an asset. I applaud you for recognizing that we all depend on our oceans for our very survival. It is this water that sustains every living thing on our planet, and it is also this water that we must protect in order to save ourselves from extinction.

    BP has downplayed the problem in the Gulf from the beginning as a means of corporate damage control. I don’t think they’ve yet recognized the severity of the problem. As I’ve written in past blog posts; the pipe needs to be capped and the relief well needs to be drilled. It’s not an exact science by any means, and if BP doesn’t get it right the first time, they’ll have to do it over, and over, and over again, until they do. How many months (or years) will that take? How much damage will have been done to our environment by then? We’ve already seen what 51 days of oil can do to the Gulf of Mexico… What would happen if the oil was left, unabated, for several months, or years? It’s a frightening example of corporate greed gone awry and it’s criminal, pure and simple.

    Corporations should never be allowed the opportunity to risk the lives of everyone on the planet just to make a profit for a few shareholders. (What good is money, after all, if you don’t have air to breathe, water to drink, or food to eat without fear of contamination?)

    BREAKING NEWS: I’ve just heard that those enormous plumes floating just under the surface of the water have been certified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (N.O.A.A.) as crude oil.

    (Are we just casual witnesses to our own demise? I wonder…)

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