Get To Know The Editor: Ryan Gallifant

Family BBQ

The Editor with His Bride to be

Who am I?

There is so much that can be said about me and some might actually care to know.  So, as you can tell by the title, my name is Ryan Gallifant.  I’m one of few residing native Arizonans.  I know.  I know.  Try to regain some composure.  From my picture you can see on the right, the beautiful lady, standing next to the silly bloke, will allow me to be her husband in November of this year.  While working as “The Editor” for “In Discussion,” my career goal is found in the education of young minds (5th graders and up), to which end I am pursuing a degree in Elementary Education (with highly qualified emphasis in Math, Science, and English) at Southwestern College.  I hope to have the honor of attending Oxford University to learn the most successful style of pedagogy, so any sponsorship is highly appreciated.

What do I do for the program?

My role as part of the Post-Production team works closely with David in bringing “In Discussion” to an agreeable and satisfactory ending where the listener can experience the program as intended.  Some may be surprised, but I do not have a chamber full of technological equipment where I slave over the editing of the radio programs.  Indeed, it is quite the opposite and I prefer the simplicity of my Denon earbuds, my 13″ Macbook Pro, and Adobe Soundbooth.

How do I feel about my work, so far?

While working on the radio program, my craft has matured and the most effective way to know as to just how well it has matured is that people should be unable to tell that there even was any editing done.  Deeds accomplished, but not seen.  Some would call this a thankless job; however, those people probably don’t know David to well.

Has anyone expressed approval for my work?

Actually, yes.   The persons that have noticed and mentioned, I am incredibly humbled by their acknowledgement and praise.  I have found that the awareness and appreciation originates from previous guests on the program who were impressed with my work.  Though I am nowhere close to being a shy person,  compliments find me off-guard and I usually stammer out some sort of sheepish response of gratitude.

What has been your most challenging or favorite program, so far?

Out of all the programs that I have had the pleasure of listening to and editing thus far, there is one program that I am inclined to express my favoritism with.  The program with guest Astor Morgan and his return trip back from the Festa Di Sant’Agata.  I enjoyed carefully inlaying sound tracks to immerse the listener into such an emotional and intellectual journey.  Even more so, the topic of Sant’Agata, who was killed for her faith is Christ, was of particular interest to me as it reminded me of Cassie, the teenager in the “Columbine Shooting,” who stared at the muzzle of a gun and said, “Yes, I believe in God.”  This exclamation of faith is what I hope to live out every day, “Yes, I believe in Jesus.”

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