April 26 & June 7, 2010 Captain Dan Hanley & Robert MacLean “The Whistleblowers Dilemma”

April 26, 2010. Also featured on June 7, 2010. – “The Whistleblower’s Dilemma”

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danhanleyGuests on this program are attributed to and known for their dedication to alerting the public of negatively impacting effects upon the safety of air travel. Dan Hanley as a seasoned airline captain with 35 years of service, was discharged from a long and successful career for raising valid concerns over federal aviation violations. He was subsequently discharged and isolated from an industry and career that had been well earned with professionalism and care.






mainRMfullsRobert MacLean also labeled as a “whistleblower” became ostracized from a long and distinguished career following his alert to the plan to remove air marshall’s from long-distant flights in 2003. The direct implications upon both have raised concerns over survival, not only for themselves but the many casualties who have put safety of the public before their own well-being.

  1. Today’s Washington Post”:

    “Why would the Obama administration want to follow the Bush administration’s lead on that?

    After all, this is an administration with officials, including President Obama, who have trumpeted the important role whistleblowers play in keeping government honest. With this case in particular, when Rahm Emanuel, the president’s chief of staff, was a congressman from Chicago, he cited [federal whistleblower and fired U.S. Park Police Chief Teresa] Chambers and others as ‘examples of individuals losing their jobs for telling the truth.’

    ‘We are at loss to explain why the Obama administration is continuing this case,’ said Jeff Ruch, executive director of the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, which is representing Chambers.

    Can the Obama Interior Department demonstrate that the Bush administration would have been justified in firing Chambers on the basis of the three remaining charges?”


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